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Recirculating Lab Chiller

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Recirculating Lab Chiller


Recirculating lab chiller is a common cooling equipment in the laboratory. It is generally used to meet the temperature requirements of the cold source. So what are the advantages of recirculating lab chiller? What points need to pay attention to?

First, why choose recirculating lab chiller?

The recirculating lab chiller adopts single-unit self-cascading refrigeration technology, which has fast cooling speed, low noise, and simple installation. There are many types of equipment. Users can choose models according to their needs, and can also choose isolation and explosion-proof options.

Second, the commonly used refrigerant in recirculating lab chiller:

Commonly used water, salt water, chlorine-containing solution, and ethylene glycol, etc., have different performance, price, and heat capacity of each refrigerant, so the choice can be made according to the needs.

Ethylene glycol has a relatively low freezing point and can be used at a temperature of -50 degrees. It has relatively high performance and is cheap, but it is corrosive. Chlorine-containing solution has low freezing point, high volatility and corrosiveness, and its applicable temperature range is -120~-50℃. Water has high specific heat, low density, and is cheap and easy to obtain. It is suitable for the occasion where the refrigeration temperature is above 0°C. The brine can lower the freezing point temperature and increase the cooling range. It is suitable for medium and low temperature refrigeration systems.

Third, points for attention in the use of recirculating lab chiller:

1. Before using the recirculating lab chiller, it needs to be checked to see if the position of the equipment is correct, so as to avoid problems during use.

2. When using the equipment, operate and use it according to the operating instructions, including turning on and off the machine.

3. Pay attention to good maintenance work and carry out regular maintenance.

4. If the recirculating lab chiller malfunctions during use, it should be resolved in time. If it cannot be resolved, contact the manufacturer to resolve it.

The recirculating lab chiller is used in many industries, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, new energy, components, and industries.


Customized Solutions For Your Business


low temperature chiller

Low Temperature Chillers (Water Cooled & Air Cooled)

Temperature Control Range: -150°C to -5°C

We specialize in the production of low-temperature chillers with a temperature control range as low as -150°C, which can meet the refrigeration needs of different industries.

Temperature range -25°C ~ -5°C series -45°C ~ -10°C series -60°C ~ -10°C series -80°C ~ -30°C series -110°C ~ -50°C series
Cooling Capacityup to 360kWup to 360kWup to 360kWup to 270kWup to 180kW


recirculating chiller

Recirculating Chillers (Water Cooled & Air Cooled)

Temperature Control Range: -120°C to +30°C

Our recirculating chiller adopts low-temperature refrigeration technology, the temperature is as low as -120℃, and various accessories are customizable.

Temperature range -25°C ~ +30°C series -45°C ~ +30°C series -60°C ~ -20°C series -80°C ~ -20°C series -120°C ~ -70°C series
Cooling Capacityup to 38kWup to 12kWup to 7.2kWup to 7.2kWup to 8.6kW


water chiller

Room Temperature Chillers / Small Chillers

Temperature Control Range: +5°C to +50°C

The chiller can be widely used in various industries and laboratories, and supports customized design.

Temperature range -18°C ~ +30°C +5°C ~ +35°C series
Cooling Capacityup to 0.9kWup to 50kW


Direct Cooling machine


Direct Cooling Type Refrigeration Equipments

Temperature Control Range: -120°C to -10°C

It is suitable for places with small heat exchange area and large heat exchange.


Temperature range -40°C ~ -10°C -80°C ~ -35°C -120°C ~ -90°C
Compressor Powerup to 8HPup to 8HP*2up to 45HP*3



Direct Cooling Ultra Low Temp Chillers

Temperature Control Range: -150°C to -110°C

Customized solutions for your business.


Temperature range -150°C ~ -110°C
Cooling Capacityup to 11kW




Screw Chillers

Low temperature screw chillers and room temperature screw chillers

Customized solutions for your business.



Temperature range +5°C ~ +30°C +5°C ~ +30°C +5°C ~ +30°C +5°C ~ +30°C -25°C ~ +5°C -25°C ~ +5°C
Cooling Capacityup to 1027kW (Single Compressor)up to 2134kW (Dual Compressor)up to 934kW (Single Compressor)up to 1940kW (Dual Compressor)up to 467kW (Single Compressor)up to 497kW (Single Compressor)


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