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Reasons for the Large Consumption of Industrial Chillers

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Reasons for the Large Consumption of Industrial Chillers


The production technology of today’s industrial chillers is very advanced, and the safety and stability of operation are also very guaranteed. However, now there is a problem that troubles many enterprises, that is, the energy consumption of chillers continues to increase. Today, I will summarize the three major reasons for the large energy consumption of industrial chillers:

First, failure. If the chiller is faulty, the cooling performance of the equipment will continue to decrease. At this time, enterprises should be cautious when using industrial chillers. When running the equipment, if the enterprise ignores the existence of various common faults, although the equipment can be used normally temporarily, the long-term operation safety of the equipment will be more seriously affected.

Second, the runtime. If the running time of the chiller is relatively long, and in the process of running the equipment, the enterprise does not provide sufficient rest time for the equipment, which will lead to a threat to the safety of the enterprise using the industrial chiller. We suggest that companies can rationally formulate plans for the operating hours of industrial chillers, or alternatively operate by installing multiple industrial chillers.

Third, the environment. When enterprises use industrial chillers, if there are many inappropriate factors in the environment, then the equipment will also experience increasing energy consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a place with a better environmental location, choose a large enough space, and install the equipment in the corner or in the middle. Only in this way can the enterprise complete the task efficiently.

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