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Perfect Reactor Jacket Temperature Control

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Reactor Jacket Temperature Control

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Introduction to reactor jacket temperature control

The temperature of the material in the jacketed reactor is stirred by the mixer to make the material uniform, increase the heat conduction speed, and make the temperature uniform. The choice of heat transfer medium is determined according to the process temperature requirements of each factory’s products. Common heat transfer media include superheated steam and heat transfer oil. Temperature measurement is usually composed of thermal resistance or thermocouple and its transmitter. The temperature of the heat-conducting medium passing into the reactor is required to be kept constant, and the temperature in the jacketed reactor is controlled by adjusting the flow rate of the heat-conducting medium flowing into the jacket of the reactor.


Reactor Jacket Temperature Control

Festures and functions of reactor jacket temperature control

The reactor jacket temperature control unit is a device that uses advanced technology to control and adjust the temperature in the reactor. The unit has the following features and functions:

1. Temperature sensor: The device has a built-in high-precision temperature sensor, which can detect the temperature change in the reaction gold in real time.

2. Control system: Using advanced control algorithm and circuit design, it can precisely adjust and control the temperature of the reactor. The county is equipped with PID control function, which can automatically adjust the power of heating or cooling according to the actual temperature of the reactor.

3. Temperature display and setting: The device is equipped with a liquid crystal display, which can intuitively display the current temperature of the reactor, and can also be used for temperature setting and adjustment. Users can achieve more precise control by setting the upper and lower limits of temperature and adjusting the ratio of rapid heating and uniform heating.

4. Alarm system: equipped with abnormal temperature alarm function, when the temperature in the reactor exceeds the set upper and lower limits or other abnormal conditions occur, the device will sound or flash alarm in time to remind the operator to take appropriate measures.

5. Data recording and traceability: It has the function of temperature data recording, which can record the temperature data of the reactor in real time and save it in charts or other forms, which is convenient for users to trace and analyze data.

6. Remote control: support remote control and monitoring through network connection or other methods. Users can view and control the temperature of the jacketed reactor in real time through the mobile app or computer software, improving production efficiency and control accuracy.

The reactor jacket temperature control can realize the precise control and adjustment of the temperature of the reactor, and provides a variety of functions and features. It is suitable for equipment in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries that require reaction and refrigeration and heating processes.


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