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Mobile Power Generator


Mobile Power Generator


With the rapid development of the economy and the deepening of the urbanization process, more and more people now like outdoor sports and self-driving travel. The battery life of digital equipment during travel, such as cameras, mobile phones, laptops, and drones, is a problem. Mobile power banks can solve the problem of charging mobile phones, but other digital devices cannot meet the charging needs. Therefore, a large-capacity outdoor mobile power bank has become an essential choice for people who like outdoor sports. At the same time, the application of mobile power in various occasions such as home emergency and office power outages is becoming more and more extensive.

The inverter power supply rectifier circuit of the outdoor mobile power supply needs power devices such as transformers, inductors, mos tubes, thyristors, and rectifier tubes. This type of power device will generate a lot of heat when it is working. In order to ensure the continuous operation and long-term reliability of the rectifier circuit, it is necessary to dissipate the heat, reduce the temperature rise of the rectifier circuit board, and keep the circuit board at a relatively low temperature. Therefore, it is very necessary to study a cooling scheme that can quickly and effectively dissipate the heat generated by the electronic components on the circuit board, so that the operating temperature of the circuit board is lower.


Mobile Power Generator Cooling Technology And Solutions

The solution is to provide an outdoor mobile power supply with a liquid-cooled heat dissipation structure, which includes a power supply box, a circuit board, and a liquid-cooled heat dissipation structure. Electronic components that generate heat are arranged on the rectification circuit module. The liquid cooling heat dissipation structure includes an inverted radiator and a cooling and heat dissipation module. The inverted radiator is a structure with a cavity opening downward, and the inverted radiator is inverted above the electronic components. The inner wall of the inverted heat sink is in contact with the outer surface of the electronic component. The cooling and heat dissipation module includes a cooling conduction pipe and a heat dissipation structure. The heat dissipation structure is arranged on one side of the circuit board. One end of the cooling conduction pipe is closely attached to the outer surface of the inverted radiator, and the other end of the cooling conduction pipe is connected to the heat dissipation structure.

An outdoor mobile power supply with a liquid-cooled heat dissipation structure, the heat dissipation structure is provided with a heat dissipation fan, and the heat dissipation fan is connected with a controller arranged in the power supply box. The heat dissipation structure is a cooling box, the cooling box is filled with refrigerant, the cooling conduction pipe is an infusion tube, and the infusion tube is arranged close to the outer surface of the inverted radiator, and the two ports of the infusion tube are respectively connected to the inlet and outlet of the cooling box. A return loop for refrigerant flow is formed.

The upside-down radiator includes a heat-dissipating shell and a heat-conducting fastening structure. The heat-dissipating shell is an inverted cylindrical structure that opens downward. The heat-conducting fastening structure is arranged in the heat-dissipating shell. The accommodating and fixing cavities for electronic components, each accommodating and fixing cavities are provided with an opening on the same side as the opening direction of the heat dissipation shell, the size of the accommodating and fixing cavities matches the size of the electronic components, and the heat conduction fastening structure is reversed Closely attached to the electronic components, the inner surface of the accommodating and fixing cavity of the heat conduction fastening structure is in close contact with the outer surface of the heating electronic component, and the outer surface of the heat conduction fastening structure contacts the inner wall of the heat dissipation housing.

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