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Material Cooling in Emulsifier Tank

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Material Cooling in Emulsifier Tank

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The complete set of emulsifier equipment is generally an integrated multi-functional mixing equipment, which includes all the functions required in the mixing process of cream, sauce, ointment and other industrial products, including the cooling function.

The cooling function of the vacuum emulsifier can reduce the material in the emulsification tank to the temperature required by the process. It has a cooling function, so how does the vacuum emulsifier cool?

Vacuum emulsifiers are generally divided into two ways in terms of cooling:

1. Conventional jacket cooling water cooling

The temperature control system of the vacuum emulsifier is composed of a temperature sensor, a heating and cooling medium layer and an insulation layer, also known as water or oil bath heating and cooling, which can easily and conveniently control the temperature.

The cooling of the vacuum emulsifier generally uses tap water as the cooling water source (users with conditions can use chilled water for better cooling).

Open the water inlet valve and the water outlet valve, grasp the degree of opening and closing of the water inlet and outlet valves to control the flow of cooling water, and achieve the control of cooling speed.

For general emulsification production, this conventional jacket cooling method is suitable for most products. No external cooling equipment is required.


2. The vacuum emulsification machine is cooled by an external chiller

When the cooling requirements of the emulsification and stirring production process are higher, and the conventional jacket cooling method cannot meet the requirements of the low temperature and time of cooling, external cooling equipment is required.

The chiller commonly used in the vacuum emulsification machine is to obtain cooling capacity through the compressor refrigeration system, and then transport the cold water to the cooling jacket of the equipment through the refrigeration pump to realize cooling and cooling.

Reasonable use of special emulsification machine chiller equipment can effectively solve the production cooling problem of emulsification machine, improve the service life of equipment and material output.


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