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Lithium-ion Energy Storage System Cooling Solution

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With more than a decade of engineering and manufacturing expertise, our company has brought innovative temperature control solutions to the energy storage market. Our systems are integrated with the battery management system to actively maintain the battery within an optimal temperature range, increasing battery availability and stability of battery performance.

Lithium-ion energy storage systems are changing the power industry landscape. The chemistry of lithium ions makes batteries sensitive to changes in ambient temperature, requiring precise temperature control for efficient, stable and safe operation. Excessive heat generated during battery operation, or a harsh operating environment can reduce battery life and system performance. Therefore, installing a liquid cooling system can effectively control the temperature of the energy storage system and improve the performance of the lithium-ion system.

battery energy storage systems cooling solution

Our engineered liquid thermal management solutions (TMS) integrate with the battery management system (BMS) of the energy storage system (ESS) to provide active temperature management for battery cells and modules. Compared with air-cooled systems, the heat transfer of liquid cooling improves the temperature uniformity of the battery cells.

In general, it is best to keep batteries in the specified temperature environment to ensure their best performance and longevity. Exposure to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can damage battery performance, or worse, lead to dangerous incidents.

The exact temperature range required for safe battery operation varies by battery type and design. Although new battery technologies are being developed every day, lithium-ion batteries continue to dominate energy storage systems due to their low cost, high performance, and smaller weight and space requirements compared to other types of batteries. Higher density. Lithium-ion is likely to continue to be the most common battery energy storage technology for a long time to come.

The optimum temperature range for Li-ion batteries is between 15 °C and 35 °C. The ideal ambient temperature is about 20°C or slightly lower; if the battery is operated at 30°C, its life will be shortened by 20%. At 40°C, the life loss is close to 40%. If the battery is charged and discharged at 45°C, the life is only half of that at 20°C, so it is very important to keep the temperature of the entire system uniform.

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