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Liquid Cooled Chiller Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) for Data Center Cooling

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Liquid Cooled Chiller Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) for Data Center Cooling

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Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) are devices used to distribute coolant. In the fields of modern industrial production and scientific research, the demand for cooling equipment is getting higher and higher. Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) have emerged and become an important part of ensuring the normal operation of equipment.

Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) are mainly composed of the following parts: coolant storage tank, pump, heat exchanger, cooler and control unit. During the working process, the coolant is first pumped from the storage tank to the heat exchanger, where it exchanges with the heat generated by the equipment, causing the coolant temperature to rise. Subsequently, the heated coolant enters the cooler, reduces the temperature through heat dissipation, and becomes low-temperature coolant again. Finally, the low-temperature coolant is pumped back to the equipment again to complete the cooling process.

Advantages of Coolant Distribution Units (CDU)

1) Highly efficient and energy-saving, reducing operating costs;

2) Precisely control the coolant temperature to improve equipment operation stability;

3) Reduce equipment failure rate and extend service life;

4) Save space and increase data center density.

Application of Coolant Distribution Units (CDU)

Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) are widely used in data centers, servers, high-performance computing equipment, communication equipment and other fields. The computing power and operating speed of equipment in these fields are constantly improving, and the requirements for heat dissipation and cooling are also getting higher and higher. The liquid cooling distribution unit can accurately control the flow and temperature of the coolant to ensure that the equipment operates efficiently while reducing failure rates and extending service life.


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