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Installation and Operation of Industrial Chillers

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Installation and Operation of Industrial Chillers


First: Necessary protective measures should be taken before the chiller is moved, and care should be taken not to damage the unit during handling.

Second: Chiller installation.

1. When installing the chiller, be careful not to damage the unit, and arrange the space around the chiller reasonably to facilitate maintenance of the chiller.

2. According to the recognized piping system design and construction installation standards, reasonably design and install chilled water and cooling water systems to give full play to the performance of the chiller. The unit should be placed horizontally and installed in a ventilated place.

3. When the surrounding environment of the water source and cooling water tower is harsh, a Y-type filter must be installed on the chilled water and cooling water circuit, and the exhaust valve must be cleaned regularly at the highest point of the closed chilled water system, and the drain joint must be installed at The lowest point of the system where the system drains.

4. Select the appropriate cooling tower according to the cooling capacity of the unit.

5. After the frozen water pipe has been tested for leaks, it is packed in a heat preservation room to avoid loss of cooling capacity and water dripping from the pipe.

reactor temperature control system

Third: power connection.

1. The power supply of the chiller adopts three-phase four-wire, and the main power line of the unit is connected to the pillar in the box through the perforation of the electrical control box to ensure that the connection becomes firm every time.

2 Unit power distribution requirements: main power supply voltage: rated voltage within ±10%, main power frequency within ±2%.

3. When the voltage fluctuation of the main power supply exceeds the specified range, it is not allowed to start the chiller, otherwise it will be regarded as improper operation, and the damage caused is not within the scope of the company’s warranty.

4. When necessary, the water flow switch, pump, cooling tower motor and other interlocking circuits of the water system can be correctly connected to the unit control circuit.

5. The chiller has various protection measures such as current overload protection, high and low voltage protection at the compressor exhaust end, motor coil overheating insulation, waterproof protection, cooling water flow chain protection, etc. The control circuit is advanced, and the LNEYA chiller control circuit has been set in the factory Adjustment, not to be changed without authorization. If there is any change, the manufacturer must be notified in advance.

Chiller start-up operation

(1) Preparation before starting up.

1. Check whether there is any abnormality around the unit.

2. Check whether the power connection of the unit is correct

3. Check whether the cooling water valve is open, whether the water tower is in a standby state, and whether the cold water waiting door is open.

4. First turn on the water pump and water tower in the system, and then turn on the chiller. (The water tank of the chiller must be filled with water, otherwise do not run the pump when there is water.

(2) Run the chiller

1. First turn on the pump switch. At this time, pay attention to the direction of operation of the pump to ensure that the pump is running in the correct direction.

2. If the chiller is equipped with a phase switch, when the phase is reversed, the red indicator light (phase failure) on the console will light up, and when the alarm sounds, please remove the master switch of the power supply, and then connect the power cord to R.S.T. The two relative connections, and then turn on the power and the chiller, so that the machine can resume normal operation.

(3) Maintenance

1. Keep the heat dissipation water tower clean, keep the air circulation around the cooling tower, keep the temperature low, and avoid any sundries from entering the cooling tower, which will reduce the cooling efficiency.

2. For air-cooled chillers, please keep the radiator surface of the chiller clean, the surrounding air circulates, the temperature is low, and the radiator should be cleaned regularly.

3. If the chiller has been used for more than 6 months, the high and low pressure often fails, or the cooling capacity drops, please arrange for staff to clean the radiator. If the chiller is stopped for a period of time, due to the solidification of scale, the pump blades may be solidified by dirt, and then the pump blades must be loosened when starting up, so as not to cause the pump blades to not rotate and cause the motor to burn out.

a), the maintenance cycle of conventional parts (depending on the actual use of the mold temperature machine)

b), Industrial chiller failure and maintenance, failure indication, maintenance method

Voltage failure: first turn on the main power supply of the chiller, open the power box, connect the power supply, and check whether the power supply voltage and phase voltage are normal.

Pump failure: Check whether the total coil impedance of the pump is open circuit or short circuit, then connect the power supply, check whether the power supply voltage is normal, press the green RSET position, pay attention to the running direction of the pump, and never run the pump when there is no water.

High and low pressure failure: If the chiller is equipped with a pressure gauge, please pay attention to whether the pressure of the high pressure gauge is higher than 300PST. If it exceeds, please check whether the water delivery of the cooling water tower is normal, according to whether the valve from the chiller to the cooling water tower is open, and whether the water in the cooling water tower is overheated (the water temperature is higher than 34 degrees). If a Y-type filter is installed, check and clean the filter.

(c) The connected water tower shall not be less than the rated power of the chiller.

(d) If the chiller has been used for more than a period of time, and the cooling capacity of the cooling tower and surroundings is reduced, please arrange work to clean the radiator.

Compressor failure: Switch the power supply, check whether the high resistance of the coil insulation meets the requirements during compression, whether the insulation value of the motor coil exceeds 1 megohm, and when pressing the green RESET of the compressor current overload protection system normally, please pay attention to whether the cooling water is sufficient, Insufficient cooling can lead to high compressor current.

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