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Hybrid Car Battery Test Chiller Equipment

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Hybrid Car Battery Test Chiller Equipment

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The automobile industry is a highly technology-intensive industry that concentrates new materials, new equipment, new processes, and new technologies in many scientific fields. With the increasing shortage of global oil resources and the demand for intelligent and safe driving, the automobile industry is moving towards Moving forward in the direction of new energy, driverless driving, and intelligent interconnection.

The production, manufacturing, inspection and testing of automobile parts also rely on professional inspection equipment. When it comes to inspection and testing, hot and cold shock and high and low temperature tests are essential temperature testing links. Related equipment includes hot and cold shock boxes. , high and low temperature test chamber equipment, etc.

In terms of providing low-temperature control, our company has advanced experience in the design of industrial refrigeration equipment, which can be suitable for many types of test equipment cooling systems, providing temperature environment, water pressure, water flow, etc. that meet process requirements.


Hybrid Car Battery Test Chiller Equipment


Features of hybrid car battery test chiller equipment

1. The fully closed circulation system can achieve -80 – 300°C temperature control. A single heat transfer medium flows into the customer’s equipment, and multiple units can be connected.

2. Built-in electric heating thermal oil auxiliary system, which can automatically turn on the auxiliary heating system according to demand and reduce the steam pressure.

3. Using intelligent fuzzy PID control algorithm, the material reaction process temperature can be controlled according to requirements, and the temperature process control curve can be recorded. The refrigerant medium temperature control accuracy reaches ±0.5°C, and the material temperature control accuracy reaches ±0.5°C.

4. The product is equipped with a variety of protection devices such as refrigeration system protection, motor protection, circuit protection, etc.

5. The unit consists of a refrigeration system, cold storage tank, water tank, circulation pump, and control system (flow meter, electric regulating valve, pressure transmitter, sensor).

6. Using Siemens PLC intelligent controller and touch screen operation interface, the program is programmed according to the temperature segment cycle and saved for user query.


Hybrid Car Battery Test Chiller Equipment


Applications of hybrid car battery test chiller equipment

Power batteries, battery packs: power battery cells/modules/battery packs, heat sinks

Motor (MOTOR): single motor/dual motor/three motors/four motors/power assembly

Motor controller (MCU): Passenger car MCU/Commercial vehicle MCU

Micromotor: sunroof/side window/wiper

Charging pile: AC charging pile/DC charging pile/charging interface/charging cable

Products are used in new energy vehicles, biopharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, integrated circuits, semiconductors, energy storage, power equipment, aerospace and other industries, reactors, chip testing, power semiconductor testing, integrated circuits, electric vehicle testing, testing, motors , photovoltaic testing, etc.



We provide complete temperature control systems design and manufacturing. From standard models to complete customized products up to 900 tons. We specialize in customer service and are dedicated to helping each customer have the optimal temperature control system for their specific need.

We provide non-standard customized solutions. Both single cooling chillers and cooling & heating combo units are available.


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