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How to solve the problem of insufficient water flow in industrial chiller units?

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How to solve the problem of insufficient water flow in industrial chiller units?

1. Is the cooling water pipe connected backwards? There are two types of cooling water pipes: inlet and outlet pipes, one for cold water and the other for hot water, but their standards are not the same. When the inlet and outlet pipes are connected in reverse, different diameter inlet pipes will produce different water output.

So connecting the inlet and outlet cooling pipes in the opposite direction will also result in the display of water shortage fault codes. Solution: After the machine is shut down, replace the water inlet and outlet pipes of the machine from the beginning.

2. The centrifugal water pump or pipeline is abnormal, and the flowing water cannot be supplied. In the water circulation of industrial chillers, the centrifugal water pump is a machine equipment that provides power.

If it does not work or exhibits abnormality, the cooling water cannot be delivered to the cooling pipeline of the machine equipment, which will cause common faults such as water shortage; Other cooling water pipelines may become blocked, causing water circulation to be blocked, which can also lead to a lack of water flow.

Possible root cause: reverse direction of centrifugal water pump; Open circuit in the centrifugal water pump circuit; Impeller or water pipe blockage or damage; Solution: Correct the rotation of the water pump motor, clean the centrifugal water pump or impeller, clean the water pipe, clean the filter, check the water pump seal, and check the inlet flow rate.

3. When the water flow in the water storage tank or system is insufficient, or when there is relatively little water flow in the water storage tank or system pipeline, the phenomenon of insufficient water flow can also be observed, and the root cause is usually system water leakage. Solution: Check the condition of each water pipeline, water storage tank, centrifugal water pump, filtration equipment, etc. to see if there are any leakage points, find and repair them.

There are impurities in the water pump of the LJ -45°C ~ -10°C Low Temperature Refrigeration Chillers, and it needs to be cleaned. The wear and tear of the industrial chiller water pump rotor leads to the aging of the water pump, and the water pump needs to be replaced.

The head flow rate of the water pump selected for industrial chillers is insufficient. It is recommended to choose a water pump with a higher and larger head flow rate. The water volume in the industrial chiller water tank is insufficient.

It is recommended to add cooling circulating water to the green range of the chiller water level gauge. The cooling pipeline of the industrial chiller is too narrow or too long. It is recommended to improve the cooling pipeline.

The rated working condition of the cooling water required by the chiller is between 30~35 ℃, with high water temperature and poor heat dissipation, which inevitably leads to high condensation pressure. This phenomenon often occurs during high temperature seasons.

The reason for the high water temperature may be: a cooling tower malfunction, such as the fan not turning on or even reversing, and the water distributor not rotating, manifested as a high and rapid increase in cooling water temperature; The external temperature is high, the water path is short, and the amount of circulating water is low.

In this situation, the temperature of the cooling water is generally maintained at a high level, which can be solved by increasing the water storage tank.

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