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How to Properly Manage the Chiller?

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How to Properly Manage the Chiller?


1. Precautions for the operation and management of chillers

1) The normal start and stop of the equipment must be operated in strict accordance with the steps in the operating instructions provided by the chiller manufacturer.

2) During the operation of the equipment, the parameters should be recorded in a timely and correct manner.

3) If there is an alarm shutdown during the operation of the equipment, the relevant personnel should be notified to check the equipment in time. If the fault cannot be eliminated, you can directly contact the manufacturer.

4) It is strictly forbidden to short-circuit the water flow switch during the operation of the chiller to avoid freezing the water pipes.

5) The computer room should have special staff in charge. It is strictly forbidden for idle personnel to enter the computer room and operate the equipment at will.

6) The computer room should be equipped with corresponding safety protection equipment and maintenance and testing tools, such as pressure gauges, thermometers, etc. The tools should be stored in a fixed position.

2. Precautions for the shutdown of the chiller

1) The main power switch should be cut off after the equipment is stopped.

2) If the equipment is in a long-term shutdown state, all the internal water in the cold water and cooling water systems should be drained to prevent corrosion. The water chamber end caps should be sealed.

3) When the equipment is shut down for a long time, the maintenance work should be done well.

4) During the shutdown of the chiller, the equipment should be completely covered to prevent dust accumulation.

5) During the shutdown period, personnel unrelated to the equipment shall not touch the machine.

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