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How to Choose a Low Temperature Chiller?

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How to Choose a Low Temperature Chiller?


The selection method of related equipment (such as expansion valve, solenoid valve, chilled water pump, etc.) in the chiller, that is, the known compressor model, and the design of other equipment models in the refrigeration system pipeline.

1. Determine the required cooling capacity (or replace it with the brand cooling capacity of the chiller),

2. Determine the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the chilled water,

3. Find the hourly circulation volume of the water pump (select the water pump flow rate based on this),

4. Determine the resistance along the pipeline network according to the section and length of the pipeline (to select the pump head),

5. According to the obtained flow and head, select the pump power,

6. Determine the pipe diameter according to the flow rate of 1~3m/s (to determine the diameter of the valve),

7. Select the cooling tower according to the required cooling capacity,

8. The expansion valve and electronic valve are all installed on the chiller by the manufacturer, and do not need to be reconfigured.

The work that needs to be done on site is the foundation of the equipment unit, equipped with pipelines, installed cooling towers, installed chilled water pumps, installed cooling water pumps, equipped with power cables, and equipped with control switches. Of course, an additional reserve factor is required in the actual selection.

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Temperature Control Range: -150°C to +50°C


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Dynamic Temperature Control Systems

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