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How to Choose a Cooling Heating Circulator for a Chemical Reactor?

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The reaction kettle is a common reaction equipment in the chemical production process, and the cooling heating circulator is the equipment for controlling the temperature of the liquid in the reaction kettle. So, how to choose the cooling heating circulator?

1. Temperature control accuracy

When purchasing a cooling heating circulator, you should consider its temperature control accuracy. Inaccurate temperature control will cause a series of problems in the reactor. For example, if the temperature is too high, the reactants will decompose and produce harmful gases. If the temperature is too low, the reaction may be hindered.

2. Heating method

The cooling heating circulator has a variety of heating methods, such as electric heating, electromagnetic heating, water circulation heating, etc. Chemical reaction kettles are generally large in size, so heating methods with high heating efficiency and low energy consumption should be selected.

cooling heating circulator

3. Running performance

In the production process of chemical reactors, when purchasing a cooling heating circulator, you should choose equipment with multiple protection measures such as over-temperature protection, under-voltage protection, and over-current protection to ensure production.

4. Maintenance

The maintenance of the cooling heating circulator is also an important consideration. A temperature control module that is easy to maintain and replace should be selected for routine maintenance.

When choosing, it is necessary to make comprehensive considerations according to the actual production needs to ensure that the cooling heating circulator with stable performance is selected to ensure the production efficiency of the chemical reactor and the stability of product quality.

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