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How to deal with compressor failure of industrial chiller systems?

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How to deal with compressor failure of industrial chiller systems?

1. The suction pressure of the compressor of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers is low.

(1) The opening of expansion valve is too small. The elimination method is to adjust the opening degree.

(2) The filter and solenoid valve on the liquid pipe are dirty and blocked. The elimination method is to clean the channel.

⑶ Too much lubricating oil and refrigerant are mixed together. The troubleshooting method is to check whether the oil level gauge and oil return device of the oil separator are normal and drain the oil immediately.

(4) The expansion valve is partially blocked by dirt or ice. The elimination method is to replace the drying filter.

2. The suction pressure of the compressor in the industrial cooling system is too high.

(1) The thermal expansion valve is opened too large, or the temperature sensing bulb is not fastened, and the temperature sensing bulb leaks. The elimination method is to turn down the valve or bundle the temperature sensor correctly.

(2) The return valve of the oil separator is normally open, and high-pressure gas flows into the crankcase. The troubleshooting method is to repair the oil return valve.

3. What is the reason for the abnormal flow of the circulating pump of the industrial cooling system?

The abnormal flow of circulating pump is usually too large or too small. If this problem occurs, you should check your industrial water cooler carefully. Mainly check the circulating pump margin and water pressure. The main parameter of the circulating pump water pressure is the distance that the circulating pump can lift water.

The circulation pump flow is too small, and it is also necessary to check whether the industrial water chiller is equipped abnormally; The flow rate of the circulating pump is too large.

In addition to checking whether the configuration and operation data of the industrial water chiller mechanism are abnormal, whether the main parameters of the circulating pump such as water pressure and retention are relatively large may be the problem of the water chiller manufacturer.

Some unscrupulous manufacturers will use the unqualified circulating pump on the industrial water chiller.

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