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Hot Water Circulator

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Hot Water Circulator

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A hot water circulator is a device used to heat water. It can heat circulating water to the required temperature and return the heated water to the circulation system for recycling. Hot water circulator is widely used in many fields, such as industry, construction, medicine, etc. It can improve production efficiency, save energy, reduce costs and protect the environment, so it is important in modern society.

The principle of hot water circulator is to use a heat exchanger to transfer the heat of the heating medium (such as steam, electric heating tube, etc.) to the circulating water, so that the temperature of the circulating water increases. Heat exchangers usually consist of metal tubes and a shell. The heating medium flows through the tubes and the circulating water circulates in the shell. When the temperature of the heating medium is higher than the temperature of the circulating water, heat will be transferred from the heating medium to the circulating water, causing the temperature of the circulating water to increase. At the same time, the heated water is returned to the circulation system and continues to be recycled.

The advantages of hot water circulator are many. First, it can increase the temperature of circulating water to meet production or use needs. Secondly, it can save energy because the hot water circulator can use waste heat or residual heat for heating, reducing energy waste. In addition, the hot water circulator can reduce costs because it reduces water usage, extends water life, and reduces water treatment and discharge costs. The hot water circulator also protects the environment because it reduces water waste and pollution, reducing its impact on the environment.


Hot Water Circulator


The application of hot water circulator is very wide.

In the industrial field, hot water circulator can be used to heat cooling water, boiler feed water, water, etc., which can improve production efficiency and product quality.

In the construction field, hot water circulators can be used in heating systems, air conditioning systems, swimming pools, etc., to provide a comfortable environment and efficient energy utilization.

In the pharmaceutical field, hot water circulators can be used for heating, cooling, disinfection, etc. in the pharmaceutical process, which can improve product quality and safety.

It should be noted that when using hot water circulator, you need to pay attention to the following points.

First of all, you must choose a suitable hot water circulator, and select appropriate heating medium, heat exchanger material, heating power and other parameters according to actual needs. Secondly, regular maintenance and cleaning should be carried out to keep the heat exchanger clean and operating normally. Pay attention to safety issues to avoid accidents such as explosion and water leakage in the heat exchanger.

To sum up, the hot water circulator is an important heating equipment with many advantages and is widely used in industry, construction, medicine and other fields.



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Heating Circulators

(Custom Designs)

Temperature Control Range: +50°C to +300°C

Note: UC series can control the temperature of heat transfer medium. UST series can not only control the temperature of the heat transfer medium, but also control the temperature of the reaction material.

Temperature range +50°C ~ +170°C  (UC series) +50°C ~ +300°C  (UC series) +50°C ~ +300°C  (UST series)
Heating Capacity5.5 ~ 15kW3.5 ~ 130kW3.5 ~ 95kW
Note: Any temperature range from -150℃ ~ +350℃ and any cooling capacity can be customized


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