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Heating Apparatus in Chemistry Laboratory

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Heating Apparatus in Chemistry Laboratory

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Introduction to heating apparatus in chemistry laboratory

Heating apparatus is an essential and important equipment in the chemical industry. It includes various types of heat exchange equipment, heating furnaces, etc., used for heating, drying, baking, melting, evaporation and other processes. The function of the heating apparatus in chemistry laboratory is to heat materials to the required temperature so that they can reach certain physical or chemical reaction conditions to achieve chemical reactions or physical changes.


Heating Apparatus in Chemistry Laboratory


Classification of heating apparatus in chemistry laboratory

According to its heating form, it can be divided into two types: direct heating and indirect heating. Direct heating refers to transferring the heat source directly to the material to heat the material. Indirect heating means that the heat source is transferred to the insulator, and then the insulator is transferred to the material to heat the material. According to the type of heating medium, it can be divided into steam heating equipment, gas heat transfer oil heating equipment and electric heating heat transfer oil equipment.

1. Steam heating equipment

Many chemical industry parks have thermal power plants. Hot steam is a very convenient and economical heating method for production. High-temperature steam is passed into the jacket of the reactor for heat exchange. This method is suitable for mass production and is suitable for The temperature control accuracy requirement is not high, because the stability of steam heating is not very good, and the temperature control accuracy cannot be very high. And steam pipes need to be laid. Steam temperature control usually has a temperature control range within 200°C.

2. Gas thermal oil heating equipment

When there is no steam supply or the pressure of the steam supply is insufficient and the required temperature cannot be reached, gas thermal oil heating equipment can be used. It uses thermal oil for circulating heating. The electrical energy source of this equipment is also burning natural gas. It is suitable for factories with high temperature and gas pipelines.

3. Electric heating thermal oil equipment

Electric heating is the simplest and most convenient heating method. There is no need to equip a boiler. When there is no gas or steam, the equipment can be heated as long as it is connected to the power supply. The temperature control range is very wide, and it can be heated from below zero to 350°C. between. Electric heating thermal oil equipment is generally suitable for some reactors that require high temperature control accuracy, because electric heating has high temperature control stability and electric heating is a clean energy source that does not cause problems such as open flames. It is more environmentally friendly and has good safety performance. Highest.

For the above heating methods, users can choose the appropriate temperature control device according to the actual situation. At present, the electric heating thermal oil equipment produced by our company has high temperature control accuracy and is widely used in the heating of chemical equipment such as reactors and dryers.



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Heating Circulators

(Custom Designs)

Temperature Control Range: +50°C to +300°C

Note: UC series can control the temperature of heat transfer medium. UST series can not only control the temperature of the heat transfer medium, but also control the temperature of the reaction material.

Temperature range  +50°C ~ +170°C  (UC series)  +50°C ~ +300°C  (UC series)  +50°C ~ +300°C  (UST series)
Heating Capacity 5.5 ~ 15kW 3.5 ~ 130kW 3.5 ~ 95kW
Note: Any temperature range from -150℃ ~ +350℃ and any cooling capacity can be customized

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