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Free Cooling Chiller

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Free Cooling Chiller

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Free cooling chiller introduction:

For some systems that require perennial cooling such as data centers and production processes that require perennial cooling, the chiller needs to operate as usual even if the outdoor temperature is lower or far lower than the temperature of its circulating chilled water. When the outdoor temperature is low, use the cold air to directly cool the circulating chilled water, and reduce or completely eliminate the need to turn on the compressor to provide cooling capacity for the indoor unit of the air conditioner. This method is a natural cooling method. Units with this function It’s called free cooling chiller. The biggest difference between it and the conventional chiller is that it has a unique air-cooled natural cooling heat exchanger, and its operation uses the low-temperature air in the natural environment to cool the circulating chilled water, which can realize refrigeration without a compressor and significantly save the power of the compressor. consumption.

Free Cooling Chiller

Features of free cooling chiller:

Modular design is adopted, which is convenient for expansion and reduces the occurrence of fault maintenance.

Integral design, independent refrigeration system.

Water pumps, expansion tanks, etc. can be built in, greatly reducing the complexity of water system installation.

High energy efficiency ratio design with natural cooling function.

The compressor does not need to run in winter and has a service life of 15 years.

Accessories for free cooling chiller:

The water system should include water pumps, check valves, filters, expansion tanks, stop valve water flow switches, thermometers, pressure gauges and soft joints and other components.

An expansion tank or a pressure expansion tank shall be provided in the system.

Install the exhaust valve at the highest point.

The pipeline can be made of galvanized steel pipe, with insulation and electric heating cable on the outer layer.

According to the site environment, add an appropriate amount of antifreeze (ethylene glycol).


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