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Flow Temperature Battery Cooling System Chiller

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Flow Temperature Battery Cooling System Chiller

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Flow temperature battery cooling system chiller is a liquid-cooled chiller used in the energy storage industry. The temperature range is: -45℃ ~ 55℃. It is mainly used in energy storage containers, energy storage battery cabinets, energy storage battery cooling and other applications. .

At present, the main cooling methods include natural cooling, forced air cooling and liquid cooling.

(1) Natural cooling. Natural cooling is a cooling method that uses the high thermal conductivity of metal materials to take away heat and dissipate the heat into the air. That is, natural convection without specific wind speed requirements, the heat sinks used are copper and aluminum plates, aluminum extrusions, machined or alloy castings.


Flow Temperature Battery Cooling System Chiller


(2) Forced air cooling. Forced convection is used for heat dissipation. When there are special wind speed requirements, the wind speed can be achieved through dedicated or system-level fans. Configuring a fan radiator, high-density gear assembly and heat exchanger can create a hedging or cross-flow environment to accelerate the removal of heat and improve heat dissipation efficiency. Air cooling can also be used in conjunction with fluid phase change heat dissipation technology. Fluid phase change generally uses closed copper heat pipes to dissipate heat through rapid circulation evaporation and condensation of liquids with low boiling points. If the product has high density and space constraints, integrating heat pipes into the radiator can further improve heat dissipation capabilities.

(3) Liquid cooling technology. Liquid cooling application refers to the use of a liquid-cooled cooling plate (also called a water-cooled heat sink) installed at the heat source, combined with a heat exchanger and a heat exchange pump, to dissipate heat through fluid circulation. Generally, energy storage system chiller liquid cooling technology is used in environments with high thermal energy density where forced convection or phase change systems cannot achieve heat dissipation effects.

There are several cooling methods for battery energy storage systems, which are mainly related to the cost, efficiency and other aspects of the system. The efficiency, economy and other aspects of the system need to be comprehensively considered.



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