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EV Motor Cooling System

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EV Motor Cooling System

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The electric vehicle cooling system mainly blows the coolant (a mixture of coolant and air) to the cooling unit through the rotation of the fan, and then the coolant in the coolant undergoes a certain degree of chemical reaction, causing the coolant to mix with the air. To achieve the purpose of cooling the battery module. Here’s how it works:

1. The cooling system of electric vehicles mainly consists of four parts: motor, battery, coolant and fan. Among them, the motor is the core of the electric vehicle cooling system and the power source of the entire cooling system.

The battery is the energy source of electric vehicles. When the battery is working, a large amount of heat is generated, and this heat needs to be dissipated through coolant before it can be discharged out of the vehicle. The heat generated by the motor needs to be dissipated through coolant, and the coolant mainly cools the motor.


EV Motor Cooling System


2. In the cooling system of electric vehicles, the battery module is one of the most important parts. A battery module is composed of multiple battery cells, including battery cells, positive and negative electrode materials, etc. The coolant mainly plays a role in dissipating heat from the battery pack.

The main function of the fan is to effectively dissipate the heat generated in the power system.

3. In the cooling system of electric vehicles, the motor and engine are the main driving systems.

Motor: As the core component of the electric vehicle power system, the operating effect of the motor directly affects the performance of the entire electric vehicle. In the cooling system of electric vehicles, the motor is an important component. Its working principle is similar to that of the engine, but its cooling method is different from that of the engine.

The motor generates a lot of heat when it is working. If this heat is not effectively controlled, it will have a great impact on the performance of the motor. Therefore, the cooling method of the motor in the electric vehicle cooling system must have a certain cooling capacity.



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