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Deep Freezer Chiller

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Deep Freezer Chiller

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Deep freezer chiller is a kind of freezing equipment specially used in low-temperature environments. It can maintain the stable temperature of objects at temperatures below -150°C. It is widely used in biomedicine, electronics, chemistry and other industries.

How does deep freezer chiller work?

The deep freezer chiller uses components such as a compressor, condenser, and evaporator to achieve the cooling function through the circulation of refrigerant. Specifically, the refrigerant flows through the low-temperature condenser, absorbs the heat of the objects in the box, and then discharges the heat through the high-temperature evaporator, repeating the cycle for cooling.


Deep Freezer Chiller


Features of deep freezer chiller

deep freezer chiller has the following features:

Low temperature: The temperature of the deep freezer chiller can reach below -150°C, which can meet the needs of biomedicine, electronics, chemistry and other industries for low-temperature environments.

Stability: The deep freezer chiller can maintain a stable temperature of the object, ensuring its safety and stability in low-temperature environments.

High precision: The deep freezer chiller adopts a high-precision temperature control system, which can achieve precise temperature control of objects in low-temperature environments.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The deep freezer chiller adopts energy-saving and environmentally friendly refrigeration technology, which can effectively save energy and reduce environmental pollution.

Application fields of deep freezer chiller

Biomedical industry: used in the biomedical industry, such as cryopreservation of biological samples, drugs, vaccines and other items.

Electronics industry: used in the electronics industry, such as the manufacturing of semiconductors, solar cells and other fields.

Chemical industry: used in the chemical industry, such as polymerization reactions, preparation of chemical substances, etc.

Precision manufacturing industry: used in precision manufacturing industries, such as aviation, aerospace, national defense and other fields.



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Industrial Freezers

Suitable for ultra-low temperature testing of various materials, cold shrinkage testing of copper sleeves and bearings, etc.



Temperature range -65°C ~ -10°C series -80°C ~ -10°C series -100°C ~ -30°C series -150°C ~ -20°C series
Volumeup to 1600Lup to 1600Lup to 1600Lup to 1000L
Note: Any temperature range from -150℃ ~ +350℃ and any cooling capacity can be customized


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