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Cryogenic Cooling System Chiller Supplier

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Cryogenic Cooling System Chiller Supplier


Features of Cryogenic Cooling System

1. Compact structure and stable operation: the condenser and dry evaporator of the Cryogenic Cooling System use high-efficiency heat transfer tubes, and the host uses imported high-efficiency semi-hermetic twin-screw compressors, which have compact structure, small size, light weight, and easy installation The location is small and many other advantages. The semi-hermetic twin-screw compressor has few moving parts, and the compressor adopts a 5:6 ultra-high-efficiency screw rotor. There is no direct wear between the rotors, and the reliability is high. Since the screw machine is a continuous compressor without pulsation, the unit has the characteristics of stable performance, low noise, small vibration and stable operation. Compared with the reciprocating compressor, the efficiency is increased by 20%-30%.

2. Perfect energy control system: The unit has a four-level capacity control system, which can automatically adjust the start and stop of the unit according to the load change, which is more energy-saving. During operation, the computer control system will change the energy output of the unit according to the change of the heat load of the client. The microcomputer quickly judges the difference between the measured actual load and the user’s setting and sends a signal to push the slide valve to the required energy. And in multiple systems, it works in an optimized way with the least power consumption at the best cooling output, not only showing excellent performance at full load, but also has high operating efficiency even at partial load.

3. Independent refrigerating cycle system: The large-capacity Cryogenic Cooling System has two or more independent refrigerating circuits, even if one circuit fails or is maintained, the other circuit can still operate normally. With backup function, it is especially suitable for industrial non-stop environment.

4. Simple and intuitive operation: the unit adopts microcomputer programmable controller (PLC Chinese or English display), touch screen display, select operation according to the menu on the screen, and directly touch the display button on the screen with your finger to start the unit. The screen can display the operating status of the unit at any time, and can display the parameters in two ways: graphics and text tables, which are clear at a glance.

5. Protection function of microcomputer controller:

With compressor coil over-temperature protection, oil preheating timing switch, cold water flow switch, cold water outlet temperature over-low protection, Y—△ start failure protection, exhaust temperature over-high protection, compressor overload protection, power-off memory Function, frequent start and stop protection, abnormal voltage protection, low oil level protection, high and low voltage protection and other protection functions.

6. Multiple protections, safe and reliable: In addition to the internal protection module of the compressor to provide over-undervoltage, phase loss, overload and other functions to protect the compressor, the pressure control and other devices of the refrigeration system can make the unit work foolproof.

7. Refrigeration medium: The unit uses ethylene glycol antifreeze, and can also be designed to use salt water as antifreeze according to user requirements.

8. Easy to install: The unit has completed all component installation, operation test, and filling of refrigerant and refrigeration oil in the factory. The user only needs to connect the waterway and circuit to put it into use, reducing the time for installation and commissioning.


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water chillerPrecision Chillers / Small Chillers (Custom Designs)

The chiller can be widely used in various industries and laboratories, and supports customized design.

Temperature range -18°C ~ +30°C +5°C ~ +35°C series
Cooling Capacity0.35 ~ 0.9kW1.8 ~ 50kW



recirculating chiller

Recirculating Chillers (Custom Designs)

Our recirculating chiller adopts low-temperature refrigeration technology, the temperature is as low as -120℃, and various accessories are customizable.

Temperature range -25°C ~ +30°C series -45°C ~ +30°C series -60°C ~ -20°C series -80°C ~ -20°C series -120°C ~ -70°C series
Cooling Capacity0.8 ~ 30kW0.75 ~ 12kW0.4 ~ 6kW0.2 ~ 6kW0.3 ~ 5kW



low temperature chiller

Low Temperature Chillers (Custom Designs)

We specialize in the production of low-temperature chillers with a temperature control range as low as -150°C, which can meet the refrigeration needs of different industries.

Temperature range -25°C ~ -5°C series -45°C ~ -10°C series -60°C ~ -10°C series -80°C ~ -30°C series-110°C ~ -50°C series -150°C ~ -110°C series
Cooling Capacity12 ~ 360kW6 ~ 180kW6 ~ 180kW4 ~ 180kW2 ~ 120kW2.5 ~ 11kW


Special Chillers:


Chillers for Automotive Battery Test

(Custom Designs)

Temperature simulation for vehicle quality test: battery life test, fuel injector/motor test bench, airbag test, component test bench, etc.


Temperature range -25°C ~ +100°C -40°C ~ +100°C0°C ~ +100°C  -40°C ~ +135°C
Cooling Capacity2.8 ~ 38kW1.2 ~ 60kW1.8 ~ 60kW4 ~ 60kW


Temperature / Pressure / Flow can be independently controlled.

1&2: one machine for two groups control.

Temperature range -40 ~ +100℃ 1&20 ~ +100℃ 1&2
Cooling Capacity1.8kW*2 ~ 60kW*21.8kW*2 ~ 60kW*2


Temperature remains constant, pressure / flow can be independently controlled.

1&3: one machine for three groups control.

1&6: one machine for six groups control.

Temperature range -40 ~ +100℃ 1&2 -40 ~ +100℃ 1&3 -40 ~ +100℃ 1&6 -20 ~ +100℃ 1&6 0 ~ +100℃ 1&2 0 ~ +100℃ 1&3 0 ~ +100℃ 1&6
Cooling Capacity2.5 ~ 60kW4 ~ 60kW10 ~ 60kW10 ~ 60kW7 ~ 60kW11 ~ 60kW18 ~ 60kW



Chillers for Semiconductor (TES series)

(Custom Designs)

Suitable for precise temperature control of electronic components. In the manufacture of semiconductor electronic components for harsh environments, the IC packaging assembly and engineering and production testing phases include electronic thermal testing and other environmental testing simulations.

Temperature range -45°C ~ +250°C series -85°C ~ +200°C series -60°C ~ +200°C series
Cooling Capacity0.3 ~ 25kW0.25 ~ 25kW3 ~ 60kW



Chillers for Semiconductor (LTS series)

(Custom Designs)

Suitable for precise temperature control of electronic components. In the manufacture of semiconductor electronic components for harsh environments, the IC packaging assembly and engineering and production testing phases include electronic thermal testing and other environmental testing simulations.

Temperature range -20°C ~ +80°C series -45°C ~ +80°C series -60°C ~ +80°C series -80°C ~ +80°C series
Flow Control7 ~ 45 L/min7 ~ 45 L/min7 ~ 45 L/min7 ~ 45 L/min




Chillers for Semiconductor (FLT series)

 (Custom Designs)

The semiconductor temperature control system chiller is mainly used for precise temperature control in the semiconductor production process and testing process. It is specially developed and designed for the semiconductor industry.



Temperature range +5°C ~ +40°C -25°C ~ +40°C -45°C ~ +40°C -80°C ~ +80°C -100°C ~ +80°C
Cooling Capacity6 ~ 40kW2 ~ 15kW1 ~ 8kW0.6 ~ 3kW1.5 ~ 3kW



chiller for semiconductor

Chillers for Semiconductor (FLTZ Series Frequency Conversion)

(Custom Designs)

Double frequency conversion series temperature control system, circulation pump and compressor are all adjusted by frequency conversion.



Temperature range -30°C ~ +40°C
Cooling Capacity5 ~ 11kW



semiconductor chiller

Chillers for Semiconductor (ETCU series)

(Custom Designs)

Heat exchange type

System without compressor



Temperature range +5°C ~ +90°C
Cooling Capacity5 ~ 30kW



coolant distribution unit


Chillers for Semiconductor (ZLFQ series)

(Custom Designs)

Coolant Distribution Unit

Liquid cooling equipment is suitable for semiconductor testing, electronic equipment constant temperature testing, cooling server supporting infrastructure, and other fluid temperature control places.



Temperature range +5°C ~ +35°C
Cooling Capacity15 ~ 500kW



thermal chuck


MD Thermal Chucks Series (Custom Designs)

It is used for testing RF devices and high-density power devices (IGBTs and MOSFETs), and can also be used for rapid cooling of laboratory flat panels (plasma, biological products, batteries), etc.



Temperature range -75°C ~ +225°C
Temperature accuracy±0.1℃




Chillers for Energy Storage(Custom Designs)

Liquid Cooling Solutions For Battery Energy Storage Systems




Temperature range -45°C ~ +55°C
Cooling Capacity45kW




Screw Chillers (Custom Designs)

Low temperature screw chillers and room temperature screw chillers



Temperature range +5°C ~ +30°C +5°C ~ +30°C +5°C ~ +30°C +5°C ~ +30°C -25°C ~ +5°C -25°C ~ +5°C
Cooling Capacity107 ~ 1027kW (Single Compressor)299 ~ 2134kW (Dual Compressor)98 ~ 934kW (Single Compressor)272 ~ 1940kW (Dual Compressor)48 ~ 467kW (Single Compressor)51 ~ 497kW (Single Compressor)

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