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Cooling Systems for Data Centers

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Cooling Systems for Data Centers

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With the development of data centers, the cooling methods in data center infrastructure are also constantly developing. The cooling methods of data centers mainly include air cooling and liquid cooling.

1. Air cooling

The heat dissipation method of traditional data centers is a technology that uses air as a refrigerant to exchange heat between the heating components of the server and take away the heat.

2. Liquid cooling (data center liquid cooling system)

​Refers to the technology of using liquid instead of air as the refrigerant to exchange heat for heating components and take away heat. When the data center liquid cooling system uses liquid cooling, liquid cooling servers must be used. The forms are divided into spray type, immersion type, and cold plate type. The main difference between the three is the heat dissipation method for the server.

①Spray liquid cooling is to spray the coolant on the heat dissipation components of the server to take away the heat generated by the server;

② Immersion liquid cooling refers to a cooling system in which the heating components of the server are completely immersed in the coolant, and the heat of the server is taken away through convection or phase change of the coolant;

③Cold plate liquid cooling. Large power-consuming components such as the server CPU use liquid-cooled cold plates for heat dissipation. A small number of other heat-generating components (such as hard drives, interface cards, etc.) still use air-cooling heat dissipation systems;

The cooling effect of the liquid cooling technology of the data center liquid cooling system effectively improves the efficiency and stability of the server and extends the service life of the server. At the same time, it occupies a small area and is flexible in system layout and modification, allowing the data center to arrange more servers in a unit space. Improve data center computing efficiency.


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