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Cooling System in Data Center

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Cooling System in Data Center

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With the rapid development of Internet technology, the scale and number of data centers are also expanding. During the operation of the data center computer room, a stable and reliable refrigeration system is essential.

Classification of data center computer room refrigeration systems

Data center computer room refrigeration systems are mainly divided into two categories: air cooling and water cooling.

1. Air-cooled refrigeration system

Air-cooled refrigeration systems are the most common refrigeration method. They mainly use fans to extract hot air from the server room, and exhaust the heat to the outside through air conditioners or cooling towers.

The air-cooled refrigeration system is mainly composed of four parts: fan, condenser, evaporator and control system. The fan is responsible for extracting hot air from the server room; the condenser condenses the moisture in the hot air into liquid and releases a large amount of heat; the evaporator absorbs the moisture in the hot air from the condenser and takes away the heat at the same time; the control system Responsible for adjusting the fan speed to maintain a constant cooling effect.

The air-cooled refrigeration system has the advantages of simple equipment, easy maintenance, and relatively low cost. However, its energy efficiency ratio is relatively low and requires more electricity to maintain the cooling effect.

2. Water cooling refrigeration system

The water-cooled refrigeration system uses the heat of water to take away the heat of the server by directly contacting the server. Water cooling systems can be divided into two types: natural cooling and forced cooling. Natural cooling uses low-temperature water provided by the natural environment for cooling; forced cooling uses a refrigerator to cool the water below the ambient temperature, and then sends the cooled water to the server through a water pump for cooling. The advantage of the water cooling system is that it has higher energy efficiency under the same cooling effect, but the equipment is complex and the maintenance cost is high.


Cooling System in Data Center


The future development trend of cooling system in data center

As energy prices rise and environmental protection requirements increase, the refrigeration system of data center computer rooms is developing in a more efficient and energy-saving direction. Future data center room cooling systems may be more inclined to use natural cooling or hybrid cooling to reduce dependence on power resources and reduce carbon emissions. At the same time, with the development of AI and big data technology, the cooling system of the data center computer room may also become more intelligent, able to automatically adjust the cooling effect and improve cooling efficiency. In addition, with the development of new materials, future data center room refrigeration systems may use more efficient heat dissipation materials to improve energy efficiency.

The cooling system of the data center computer room is an important factor in ensuring the stable operation of the data center. Whether air-cooled or water-cooled, each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. In the future, we expect to see the emergence of more efficient, energy-saving, and smarter refrigeration systems to meet the growing cooling needs of data centers.


Model ZLFQ-15 ZLFQ-25 ZLFQ-50 ZLFQ-75 ZLFQ-100 ZLFQ-150
Temp range  +5℃~35℃ +5℃~35℃ +5℃~35℃ +5℃~35℃ +5℃~35℃ +5℃~35℃
Cooling water 5℃~30℃ Adopt Siemens/Honeywell regulating valve to control cooling water flow
Temperature control accuracy ±0.2℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃
flow control 10~25L/min 25~50L/min 40~110L/min 70~150L/min 150~250L/min 200~400L/min
The flow control is adjusted by frequency converter, the accuracy is ±0.3L/min
Cooling capacity (MAX) 15kW 25kW 50kW 75kW 100kW 150kW
Storage volume 15L 30L 60L 100L 150L 200L
Brine Water, silicone oil, fluorinated liquid, ethylene glycol aqueous solution, etc.
Medium pipeline SUS304 SUS304 SUS304 SUS304 SUS304 SUS304
In and out interface size G3/4 G1 G1 DN32 DN40 DN50
Cooling water interface G3/4 G1 DN40 DN50 DN50 DN65
Cooling water flow 7~20℃ 2.5m³/h 4m³/h 8m³/h 13m³/h 17m³/h 25m³/h
380V 50HZ  1kW 1.5kW 3kW 4kW 5kW 6kW
shell Cold-rolled sheet spray RAL7035


Model ZLFQ-200 ZLFQ-250 ZLFQ-300 ZLFQ-400 ZLFQ-500
Temp range  +5℃~35℃
Temp accuracy ±0.5℃
Flow control 15~30m³/h 20~35m³/h 25~40m³/h 30~60m³/h 40~70m³/h
Cooling capacity(MAX)  200kW 250kW 300kW 400kW 500kW
Storage volume 250L 300L 600L 1000L 1200L
Medium Water, silicone oil, fluorinated liquid, ethylene glycol aqueous solution, etc.
Medium pipeline SUS304
In and out interface size DN65 DN65 DN65 DN80 DN80
Cooling water interface DN80 DN80 DN100 DN100 DN125
Cooling water flow 7~20℃ 34m³/h 43m³/h 51m³/h 69m³/h 86m³/h
Power supply 380V 50HZ 7kW 7kW 8kW 9kW 13kW
shell Cold-rolled sheet spray RAL7035


cooling distribution unit


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