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Details Analysis Of Refrigeration Heating Systems Details Analysis Of Refrigeration Heating Systems

Details Analysis Of Refrigeration Heating Systems

Typical Application Of Cooling Heating Temperature Control:

cold and heat source of high pressure reaction kettle, double layer glass reaction kettle;

cold and hot source of double-layer reactor, Microchannel reactor thermostatic control;

small temperature control system, steam – feeding system temperature control,

material low temperature aging test.

The thermostatic control of the combined chemical cold source heat source,

the cooling heating of the semiconductor equipment and the heating temperature of the vacuum chamber are controlled.

Ultra-high Temperature Cooling Technology Can Directly Cool Down From 300 High Temperature.

Because only the heat transfer medium in the expansion chamber is in contact with the oxygen in the air (and the temperature of the expansion tank is between

normal temperature and 60℃), which can reduce the heat transfer medium. The risk of oxidizing and absorbing moisture from the air. No high-temperature heat

medium evaporates at high temperature, and continuous control can be achieved with -80℃ to 190℃, -70℃ to 220℃, -88℃ to 170℃, -55℃ to 250℃, and -30℃ to 300℃ without pressurization temperature.

Display function

Cooling heating Temperature Control System Display – The Refrigeration system’s multi –image

Display Displays Various Information

One SUNDI equipment controls the interface display of six reactors:

Easy-to-operate Programming:

Easy-to-operate Programming:

1.Displays all the kind of process control temperatures.

2.Shows the liquid level of the heat conducting medium in the expansion vessel.

3.Shows indication for refrigeration system working.

4.Shows indication for heater working.

5.Shows indication for circulation pump working.

6.Displays the temp. control ( materials temp. control pattern, heat conducting medium temp. control ).

7.The temp. upper limit, lower limit control can be set.

8.The temp. difference between jacket & reactor material can be set.

9.Shows the alarm to add the liquid when it is empty.

10.The refrigeration compressor can be set to operate manuallyor automatically.

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