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Compact Liquid Chiller

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Overview of compact liquid chiller

With the continuous development and popularization of scientific instruments, small industrial equipment and other products, all kinds of scientific instruments, small equipment and other supporting products have also been developed by leaps and bounds. Compact liquid chiller is one of them. Its function is to pass through relatively low temperature The water is used to remove the heat from the scientific instruments, so that the temperature of the product part is kept at a low level. Compact liquid chiller is widely used in laser marking machines, laser cutting machines, laser welding, laser drilling and other laser equipment. Due to the unstable tap water pressure and more water rust blocking the fine pipes, affecting the normal operation of the machine, and the contradiction of water resource shortage is becoming more and more prominent, and the requirements for the water quality and temperature of cooling water for instruments and equipment (especially precision instruments) are increasing. The higher the value, the compact liquid chiller will become the first choice of more and more users.

Compact liquid chiller is a product specially designed and manufactured for supporting small industrial equipment. It is small and exquisite, easy to apply, and is an ideal supporting product for small industrial equipment. The small chiller adopts a horizontal chassis, the overall design fully considers the heat dissipation of the small chassis, ensures the smoothness of the condenser air duct, improves the ventilation and heat dissipation performance of the whole machine, maximizes the performance of the refrigeration system, improves the cooling efficiency, and saves energy. The compact liquid chiller adopts a closed design to prevent dust and impurities from industrial application sites from entering the circulation system, ensuring clean water quality, and can be used in places with relatively harsh working environments, and an external filtration system can be installed to further purify water.


Compact Liquid Chiller


Uses of compact liquid chiller

The compact liquid chiller is suitable for injection molding and blow molding of the plastics industry in the industrial field, metal processing cutting oil, welding equipment die casting and machining, chemical processing, pharmaceutical formulation, food and beverage processing, paper making, cement processing, vacuum systems, X-ray diffraction , power supply and power stations, analytical equipment, semiconductors, compressed air and gas cooling. They are also used to cool high heat specialized engineering items such as MRI machines and lasers, and in hospitals, hotels and campuses. In the field of laboratories, it is suitable for supporting use with experimental equipment such as chemical reaction kettles, fermenters, rotary evaporators, electron microscopes, Abbe folders, evaporating dishes, and biopharmaceutical reactors. Also used for atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), calorimeters, Peltier cooling, general laboratory equipment cooling, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), test plants, semiconductor industry, spectrometer warming reagents, general laboratory applications , Escherichia coli determination, sample thawing, bacterial inspection, microbial detection, cell culture.

Selection of compact liquid chiller

After we understand the basic information of compact liquid chiller, we need to know our actual needs, such as temperature range and size. According to these two basic needs, basically every chiller manufacturer can recommend its own suitable model. In addition to the above two basic needs, based on my many years of experience in marketing, sales and after-sales in the industry, I can suggest some other additional features and functions, so that users can be a little more targeted when choosing a brand:

According to the actual demand, choose the appropriate cooling capacity (cooling power);

Some supporting equipment will have requirements for cycle pressure and flow;

An external temperature sensor can be selected for more precise temperature control;

Temperature alarm alarm system: The chiller can be used for a few hours at least, and it can run continuously for several months. Once the machine fails unexpectedly, the ultra-high temperature or ultra-low temperature will appear, so good brands will install at least one in the cavity Temperature limit protection function and low liquid level alarm function;

Refrigeration system: In order to pursue profits, some manufacturers will use inferior and unbranded accessories. Therefore, when users choose a chiller, they must communicate with the chiller manufacturer about the brand and model of the relevant accessories of the equipment to ensure the stability of temperature control.

Leakage and short circuit protection function: Once the equipment leaks or short circuit will cause unexpected harm, we must pay attention to the production experience of the manufacturer.


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Precision Chillers / Small ChillersPrecision Chillers / Small Chillers (Custom Designs)

The chiller can be widely used in various industries and laboratories, and supports customized design.

Temperature range  -18°C ~ +30°C  +5°C ~ +35°C series
Cooling Capacity 0.35 ~ 0.9kW 1.8 ~ 50kW



recirculating chiller

Recirculating Chillers (Custom Designs)

Our recirculating chiller adopts low-temperature refrigeration technology, the temperature is as low as -120℃, and various accessories are customizable.

Temperature range  -25°C ~ +30°C series  -45°C ~ +30°C series  -60°C ~ -20°C series  -80°C ~ -20°C series  -120°C ~ -70°C series
Cooling Capacity 0.8 ~ 30kW 0.75 ~ 12kW 0.4 ~ 6kW 0.2 ~ 6kW 0.3 ~ 5kW



low temperature chiller

Low Temperature Chillers (Custom Designs)

We specialize in the production of low-temperature chillers with a temperature control range as low as -150°C, which can meet the refrigeration needs of different industries.

Temperature range  -25°C ~ -5°C series  -45°C ~ -10°C series  -60°C ~ -10°C series  -80°C ~ -30°C series -110°C ~ -50°C series  -150°C ~ -110°C series
Cooling Capacity 12 ~ 360kW 6 ~ 180kW 6 ~ 180kW 4 ~ 180kW 2 ~ 120kW 2.5 ~ 11kW


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