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Bearings Shrink Freezer

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Bearings Shrink Freezer

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Introduction to bearings shrink freezer

Bearings shrink freezer, referred to as industrial refrigerator, is composed of a constant temperature box, a refrigeration system, a constant temperature system, an electric control system, etc., and has the function of creating an ultra-low temperature environment within a specified time in the constant temperature box. Bearing assembly is a method of precise assembly by using the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, after the bearing is cooled and contracted at a low temperature in an industrial refrigerator. The industrial refrigerator with bearing assembly is a cryogenic refrigerator that uses a compressor to cool quickly and achieves an ultra-low temperature environment in a constant temperature box to cool the bearings. The assembly bearing has good stability, high precision and increased service life. Refrigeration refrigerators are also called bearings shrink freezer in the bearing cold assembly application industry.

With the development of modern industry, the precision requirements for bearings are increasing. At present, after the bearings are cooled and shrunk at low temperature by industrial refrigerators, they are assembled at room temperature within a specified time to restore the original size and volume. The high precision and stability of the bearings can be improved through cold assembly. performance and prolong the use time. According to the material requirements of the bearings, you can choose -60~-90℃ industrial refrigerators, -80~-100℃ low-temperature industrial refrigerators, -80~-120 ultra-low temperature industrial refrigerators and -90~-150 ultra-low temperature industrial refrigerators for cold assembly. It is necessary to determine the cooling rate, box volume and load-bearing requirements of industrial refrigerators.


Bearings Shrink Freezer


Features of bearings shrink freezer

The main technical features of bearings shrink freezer are silent design, strong cooling capacity, strong load-bearing capacity, good constant temperature effect, PLC control, simple operation, automatic operation, etc. The detailed technology is as follows:

1. Temperature control range: -60 ~ -150°C;

2. Temperature control precision: ±1°C;

3. Cooling speed (over-temperature ~-150°C): ≤2H;

4. Cabinet material: internal 304 stainless steel, external painting or 304 stainless steel optional;

5. Box insulation: the material is polyurethane, the thickness is 200mm;

6. Temperature control method: microcomputer control;

7. Safety protection: anti-leakage air switch, high and low voltage, over and under voltage, phase loss, over current, double door seals.

Application field of bearings shrink freezer

The bearings shrink freezer is used for bearing assembly, which solves the problems of large error and short service life of traditional assembly. At present, bearings shrink freezer is widely used in rail bearings, automobile bearings, compressor bearings, water pump bearings, electrical bearings, metallurgical and mining mechanical shafts, petrochemical mechanical shafts, motor bearings, machine tool bearings, construction machinery bearings, aerospace bearings, precision CNC machine tools Bearings, precision thin-walled bearings for industrial robots, etc.



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Industrial Freezer
Temperature range -65°C ~ -10°C series -80°C ~ -10°C series -100°C ~ -30°C series -150°C ~ -20°C series
Volumeup to 1600Lup to 1600Lup to 1600Lup to 1000L


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