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Application of Closed Circulation Heating and Cooling System

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Application of Closed Circulation Heating and Cooling System


Closed cycle refrigeration and heating systems are often used for temperature control of reactors. In order to achieve the desired temperature range, regular maintenance by the user is required to keep the equipment in a stable operating state. Usually, it is equipped with reactors, reaction kettles, distillation, extraction, constant temperature, etc. for refrigeration and heating temperature control. It is generally used for temperature control in pharmaceutical, biological, industrial, chemical, laboratory and other industries.

1. Pharmaceutical industry:

There are many chemical reaction parts involved in the pharmaceutical industry, and the reactor needs to be refrigerated and heated to control the temperature, and provide the corresponding cold and heat sources. Now a fully enclosed circulating pipeline system is basically used, which is simpler than the traditional open type and has a smaller volume. smaller than the original. The operation is relatively stable and meets the needs of the current pharmaceutical industry.

2. Industry:

In industry, it can be used in drying settings where external temperature is required to achieve the drying reaction. It can help it reach -120℃~+300℃. Due to different temperature sections, different media can be used for temperature control.

3. Bioengineering:

It can be applied to temperature control of cold and heat sources in reactors such as distillation, crystallization, evaporation, extraction and ion exchange in biology. In these reactions, the heat produced and the required temperature can be controlled by a closed cycle refrigeration heating system.

4. Adhesive industry:

In the gluing industry, polymerization of many materials occurs, thereby producing a certain amount of heat. The closed cycle refrigeration and heating system can cool the temperature and improve the production efficiency.

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