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Air Cooled Scroll Water Chiller

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Air Cooled Scroll Water Chiller

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The air cooled scroll water chiller is a water chiller that uses air-cooled heat dissipation. It uses natural air to dissipate heat from the coolant to achieve a cooling effect. The following is a detailed introduction to the chiller:

1. Working principle: The air cooled scroll water chiller is composed of a compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. It compresses low-pressure and low-temperature refrigerant gas into high-pressure and high-temperature gas through a compressor, and then releases the high-temperature gas into the air condenser. With the help of natural convection and fans, the refrigerant gas dissipates heat and cools down. The cooled refrigerant liquid is decompressed through the expansion valve and enters the evaporator. It exchanges heat with the external heat source, absorbs heat and evaporates into low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas, and is then sucked into the compressor for circulation.


Air Cooled Scroll Water Chiller


2. Heat dissipation method: The air cooled scroll water chiller adopts air cooling method to dissipate heat through the air condenser. It uses a fan to blow air across the surface of the condenser to accelerate the transfer and dissipation of heat and improve the heat dissipation effect. This cooling method eliminates the need for additional cooling towers and water pumps, thus saving space and energy.

3. Features and advantages:

– Wide range of applications: The air cooled scroll water chiller is suitable for various industrial fields, such as manufacturing, chemical industry, cold storage, etc., and can be used for low-temperature cooling and constant temperature and humidity applications.

– High efficiency and energy saving: The air cooled scroll water chiller has high cooling efficiency and can achieve rapid cooling and stable temperature control. At the same time, since there is no need for additional cooling towers and water pumps, energy consumption is reduced and energy efficiency is improved.

– Easy installation and maintenance: Due to the air-cooled heat dissipation method, there is no need to connect to water sources and drainage systems. Installation and maintenance are relatively simple and convenient, reducing the operating costs of the equipment.

– Environmental protection and energy saving: The air cooled scroll water chiller does not require the use of cooling water and coolant, reducing the impact on the environment, and does not require the discharge of waste water, making it more environmentally friendly and energy saving.

In general, the air cooled scroll water chiller achieves cooling effect through air cooling and has the advantages of wide application range, high efficiency and energy saving, easy installation and maintenance, environmental protection and energy saving. It is widely used in industrial fields to meet various cooling needs.


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Precision Chillers / Small ChillersPrecision Chillers / Small Chillers

(Custom Designs)

The chiller can be widely used in various industries and laboratories, and supports customized design.

Temperature range -18°C ~ +30°C +5°C ~ +35°C series
Cooling Capacity0.35 ~ 0.9kW1.8 ~ 50kW



recirculating chiller

Recirculating Chillers

(Custom Designs)

Our recirculating chiller adopts low-temperature refrigeration technology, the temperature is as low as -120℃, and various accessories are customizable.

Temperature range -25°C ~ +30°C series -45°C ~ +30°C series -60°C ~ -20°C series -80°C ~ -20°C series -120°C ~ -70°C series
Cooling Capacity0.8 ~ 30kW0.75 ~ 12kW0.4 ~ 6kW0.2 ~ 6kW0.3 ~ 5kW



low temperature chiller

Low Temperature Chillers

(Custom Designs)

We specialize in the production of low-temperature chillers with a temperature control range as low as -150°C, which can meet the refrigeration needs of different industries.

Temperature range -25°C ~ -5°C series -45°C ~ -10°C series -60°C ~ -10°C series -80°C ~ -30°C series-110°C ~ -50°C series -150°C ~ -110°C series
Cooling Capacity12 ~ 360kW6 ~ 180kW6 ~ 180kW4 ~ 180kW2 ~ 120kW2.5 ~ 11kW



Chillers for Automotive Test

(Custom Designs)

Temperature simulation for vehicle quality test: battery life test, fuel injector/motor test bench, airbag test, component test bench, etc.




Chillers for Semiconductor

(Custom Designs)

Suitable for precise temperature control of electronic components. In the manufacture of semiconductor electronic components for harsh environments, the IC packaging assembly and engineering and production testing phases include electronic thermal testing and other environmental testing simulations.



Chillers for Energy Storage


Liquid Cooling For Battery Energy Storage Systems

(Custom Designs)





TypesFor Converting StationFor Energy Storage BatteryFor Charging Station
Cooling Capacity45kW5 ~ 8.5kW4kW



coolant distribution unit


ZLFQ Series

(Custom Designs)

Coolant Distribution Unit

Liquid cooling equipment is suitable for semiconductor testing, electronic equipment constant temperature testing, cooling server supporting infrastructure, and other fluid temperature control places.



Temperature range +5°C ~ +35°C +5°C ~ +35°C
Cooling Capacity15 ~ 150kW200 ~ 500kW



thermal chuck


MD Thermal Chucks Series

(Custom Designs)

It is used for testing RF devices and high-density power devices (IGBTs and MOSFETs), and can also be used for rapid cooling of laboratory flat panels (plasma, biological products, batteries), etc.



Temperature range -75°C ~ +225°C
Temperature accuracy±0.1℃




Screw Chillers (Custom Designs)

Low temperature screw chillers and room temperature screw chillers



Temperature range +5°C ~ +30°C +5°C ~ +30°C +5°C ~ +30°C +5°C ~ +30°C -25°C ~ +5°C -25°C ~ +5°C
Cooling Capacity107 ~ 1027kW (Single Compressor)299 ~ 2134kW (Dual Compressor)98 ~ 934kW (Single Compressor)272 ~ 1940kW (Dual Compressor)48 ~ 467kW (Single Compressor)51 ~ 497kW (Single Compressor)

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