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Advantages of Wafer Test Temperature Control System

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Advantages of Wafer Test Temperature Control System

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After the wafer is produced, it needs to be tested for various parameters. During the testing process, it needs to be tested at different temperatures. The utility model belongs to the field of semiconductor testing technology. The temperature control equipment for wafer testing is a high-precision, high-resolution, and high-stability control equipment. It is easy to operate and can be customized.


Advantages of Wafer Test Temperature Control System


Advantages of wafer test temperature control system

Temperature control system: The self-developed temperature control module changes the control setting method, which can respond to the system lag in the process as quickly as possible and obtain the minimum temperature overshoot. The control consists of two sets of PID (each set of PID is variable) control loops. These two sets of control loops become the master loop and the slave loop. The control output of the master loop is used as the set value of the slave loop. The system uses feedforward PV. The output of the PID operation result of the main control loop is combined with the feedforward PV signal as the set value of the main control loop. Through this, gradient control of temperature changes is performed to ensure the temperature accuracy of the system.

High-efficiency heat exchange system: The system uses pipeline heating and cooling, with very little liquid participating in the circulation. The refrigeration uses plate heat exchangers, which have high heat exchange efficiency and compact structure. Heating uses a pipeline flange heater, the volume of the entire system (plate heat exchanger volume + pipeline heater volume + circulation pump internal volume + circulation pipeline volume).

Control repeatability: Based on the advanced dynamic control system, consistent control results can be achieved every time, greatly improving the stability of product production.

Product appearance: The appearance design draws on advanced design concepts and uses a large-diameter quartz glass liquid level gauge. The liquid level gauge and the operation screen are placed on the same side for easy observation. The style is simple and fashionable, with coordinated proportions and proprietary color matching.

Ultra-high temperature cooling technology: Using ultra-high temperature cooling technology, it can directly turn on the compressor for cooling and cooling at high temperatures of 300°C.



We provide complete temperature control systems design and manufacturing. From standard models to complete customized products up to 900 tons. We specialize in customer service and are dedicated to helping each customer have the optimal temperature control system for their specific need.

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