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What is the safety protection of the 2 ton chiller?

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What is the safety protection of the 2 ton chiller?

1. LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers suction and exhaust pressure protection.

The purpose of suction and discharge pressure protection for the compressor is to control the suction pressure and discharge pressure when the compressor is running.

If the exhaust pressure is too high, it will not only increase the power consumption of the refrigeration device, but also cause the failure of the refrigeration device.

If the suction pressure is too low, the outside air and water may enter the refrigeration system, affecting the normal operation of the refrigeration device, or affecting the supply of lubricating oil, causing wear and damage of moving parts in the compressor due to lack of oil. The protection element used for suction and exhaust pressure protection is called pressure controller. The pressure controller has adjustable and fixed type, automatic reset type and manual reset type in form.

Low pressure controller is used for suction pressure protection and high pressure controller is used for exhaust pressure protection. The combination of the two is called high and low pressure controller.

The high and low voltage controller is an electrical switch controlled by the pressure signal. Its electrical circuit is connected to the control circuit of the compressor motor, and directly controls the start and stop of the compressor according to the received pressure signal.

The pressure relay installed on the refrigeration device shall be tested at least once a year, especially for the high-voltage control part, so as to prevent the relay from losing control and causing major failure.

2. Differential pressure protection of 2t water chiller.

For compressors with pressure lubrication, when the pressure difference between the lubricating oil pressure and the suction pressure is too small, the moving parts will be damaged due to lack of oil, so it is necessary to make the compressor stop automatically.

For the refrigeration device using pump to supply liquid, in order to prevent cavitation of the pump, when the pressure difference between the refrigerant and the pump is too small, the pump also needs to be stopped automatically.

Differential pressure controller is a control element used for differential pressure protection. When the pressure difference at both ends is less than the specified value, it can automatically cut off the power supply.

If the control setting value of the differential pressure controller at the factory does not meet the requirements of practical application, it can be adjusted appropriately within its use range.

During adjustment, move the differential pressure adjustment gear according to the oil pressure control range of the compressor, and move the pointer to the actual required value.

The compressor is shut down by differential pressure protection. After troubleshooting, manual reset is required to make the controller delay switch contact work normally.

3. 2 ton chiller compressor temperature protection.

It mainly includes exhaust temperature protection and lubricating oil temperature control. If the exhaust temperature is too high, on the one hand, it will increase the power consumption of the compressor, on the other hand, too high exhaust temperature will make the lubricating oil carbonized and deteriorated.

In some small refrigeration devices with high exhaust temperature, liquid injection valve will be used to limit the increase of exhaust temperature. In large refrigeration devices, the temperature controller will be used to adjust the cooling water volume to control the oil temperature.

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