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Under what environment is the 100 ton chiller installed?

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Under what environment is the 100 ton chiller installed?

(1) The LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers should be kept away from fire sources and inflammables. If it is installed together with boiler and other heating elements, full attention shall be paid to the influence of thermal radiation.

(2) Choose a well-ventilated place with room temperature below 45 ℃. It is not allowed to install and store outdoors or in the environment with corrosive gas.

(3) Places with less dust shall be selected.

(4) The site shall be well lit for maintenance and inspection.

(5) To meet the needs of maintenance, repair and cleaning of evaporator and condenser heat exchange tubes. There must be enough pipe extraction space at either end of the unit, and the length direction should be equal to the length of the evaporator and condenser of the unit.

(6) In order to facilitate the lifting and maintenance of the machine, the space required for the installation, operation and maintenance of the unit shall be reserved.

(7) Complete drainage shall be realized around the unit and the whole machine room.

1. What must be checked for the operation of the 100-ton water chiller?

Whether the power supply voltage and phase number meet the model and specification, please refer to the nameplate.

Note that the power supply of the water chiller above 3HP is three-phase, the voltage is 380-415V, the phase of the 50HZ power supply is RST, the neutral line (zero line) is N, and the ground line is E.

Whether the water supply inlet has been connected to the pipeline, and the water source shall not be closed

Fill the ice tank with water before starting the water pump.

Turn on the water pump switch. At this time, please note that the ball valve at the inlet and outlet of chilled water must be opened.

2. What is the 100-ton water chiller?

The water chiller is the equipment used for temperature control, constant temperature, cooling and cooling in industrial production or experiment.

The working principle of the water chiller is to first inject a certain amount of water/refrigerant carrier into the water tank in the unit, cool the water/refrigerant carrier through the refrigeration system of the water chiller, and then send the low temperature cooling water/refrigerant carrier into the equipment to be cooled by the water pump.

The cooling water/liquid of the water chiller will take away the heat, and then return to the water tank after the temperature rises, to achieve the cooling effect.

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