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Screw Chiller

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Screw Chiller


There are many types of screw chillers, mainly using heat exchanger plates to support the body, so its structure is very simple and practical, the stepless capacity in the equipment can be effectively controlled, and the change of equipment load is relatively large.

In the process of using the screw chiller, the volume is very small, the cooling capacity of the equipment is large, and its compressors are all internationally renowned brands, so the low temperature performance of the equipment is very high. It is very reliable and durable in the process of use, and the application of the equipment can be designed according to the characteristics of its products.

The built-in low-temperature circulating pump of the screw chiller adopts a stainless steel water tank, which is very convenient in the process of use. As long as the equipment is in contact with water, anti-corrosion materials will be used, which can effectively prevent corrosion and rust. The set temperature can be displayed automatically.

The cooling water temperature in the screw chiller can be automatically adjusted, which can effectively ensure the protection function of the compressor, and is very safe and environmentally friendly during use. In the manufacturing process, refrigerant is the main medium. There will be no explosion.

The screw chiller system can replace some high-cost and high-risk boiler systems, so it can be used directly with the solar system, or it can directly replace the electric heating part. The equipment is controlled by a fully automatic computer, which does not require a special person to control it, and can be directly managed remotely.

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low temperature water chiller

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Semiconductor Test Chillers

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Temperature Control Range: -150°C to -10°C

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