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Chiller Refrigerant Storage Points

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Chiller Refrigerant Storage Points


Refrigerant is an indispensable substance for the chiller to have a cooling effect, and there are many precautions in the process of use. Different equipment has different methods of adding refrigerant, and the elements of the refrigerant used are also different. Industrial refrigerants are explosive and have the potential to explode, so special care should be taken when storing them.

For the material of the items to be used for storage, it is recommended to choose a steel cylinder, and it is relatively new. The used new cylinder should be carefully checked to see if it is sealed and there are no corrosion spots. If there is any, it is recommended that the user replace it with a new cylinder.

Do not overfill the cylinder, otherwise it is very dangerous. The temperature in summer is particularly high, so choose a cool place when placing items, and cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time, otherwise the internal pressure of the cylinder will increase. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the weight of the refrigerant injected into the cylinder must be well controlled. Remember not to fill it too much, usually no more than 60% of the volume of the cylinder. This leaves room for the refrigerant to expand even if the temperature rises. In addition to not being exposed to the sun, avoid contact with fire sources and keep away from flammable materials.

The user must be careful when using it, it will be very dangerous if the chiller refrigerant is not managed properly. Regardless of the composition or type of refrigerant, the cylinder valve should be closed immediately after use.

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