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Product parameter

  • Power:25kW
  • Cooling power(AT 20℃):16kW
  • Flow:150L/min
  • Pressure:2.5bar

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The System Process Flow Is As Follows:

The liquid refrigerant in the evaporator of the unit is exchanged with the circulating air in the interior of the tank. The temperature rises from liquid to gas, and is sucked into the suction port of the compressor. The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas after compression by the compressor passes through The oil separator separates the refrigerating machine oil carried in the compression process, and then enters the condenser, and exchanges heat with ambient air or cooling water to change from high temperature and high pressure gas to high pressure normal temperature liquid. The high-pressure normal temperature refrigerant liquid is dried by a filter and then throttled and depressurized by an expansion valve, that is, from a high-pressure liquid to a low-pressure liquid. The low-pressure liquid (lower boiling point) enters the evaporator of the unit, and the cooling air is brought to the inside of the tank through the circulating air to achieve refrigeration.

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Product features and advantages:

The anti-freeze solution is injected into the 80L pressure vessel, and the fully closed circulation system is adopted. This avoids the opportunity for the antifreeze to contact with the outside air and ensures the condensation of the water. After the expansion tank is protected by nitrogen, the temperature range of the heat transfer liquid is also broadened because its boiling point is increased. In addition, oxidation of the thermally conductive liquid in contact with oxygen in the environment is also avoided, thereby extending the useful life of the thermally conductive liquid.

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Product parameters (All products can be customized)

Model KRYP-25W
Temp Range -40℃~135℃
Tank volume 100L
heating power 25kW
Refrigerating Output 135℃ 25kW
20℃ 25kW
0℃ 25kW
-20℃ 16kW
-35℃ 6.5kW
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.3℃
System pressure display Pressure of Refrigeration system is realized by pressure gauge (High pressure, low pressure);
The circulation system pressure is displayed on the touch screen by pressure sensor detection.
Controler Siemens PLC and Fuzzy-PID Control Algorithm
Communicating Protocol Ethernet Interface TCP/IP Protocol
Internal Temp Feedback Equipment tank internal temperature, refrigeration system condensation temperature, compressor suction temperature, cooling water temperature (water cooling equipment is configured)。
Heat The maximum heating output power of the system (according to each model);
The heater has triple protection and independent temperature limiter to ensure the safety of heating system;
Heating power 10kW adopts regulator, heating power output control adopts 4~20mA linear control.
Refrigerating Capacity Refers to the ability to take away heat at different temperatures (ideal condition), the actual working conditions need to consider environmental heat dissipation, please enlarge properly, and do a good job of insulation measures.
High temperature cooling module It is possible to cool the module from a high temperature of 150℃
Circulating pump flow   max Adopt crown submagnetic drive pump / German brand magnetic drive pump
150L/MIN 2.5BAR
Source 380V50HZ 38kW max
Shape Size (Air-cooled) 1000*1500*1850
Shape Size (Water cooled) 1000*1500*1850
Compression Engine Emerson Valley Wheel / Turin, Italy
Evaporimeter Adopting DANFOSS Plate Heat Exchanger / High strength Plate Heat Exchanger
Refrigeration Accessory Emerson / Danfoss brand dry filter, pressure control, oil separator, etc.
Expansion Valve Danfoss thermostatic expansion valve/ Emerson electronic expansion valve
Operation Panel 7-inch color touch screen, and the temperature curve shows the export of EXCEL data
Safe Guarding With self-diagnosis function; phase sequence phase breaker, freezer overload protection; high-voltage pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other safety protection functions.
Cryogen R-404A/R507C
Electronic pump interface DN65 PN10 RF
Water-cooled type W Type W is water cooled
Water-cooled Condenser Double-pipe (heat) exchanger
Cooling Water 32℃ 12m³/H
Shell material Cold rolled sheet spray (Standard Colour 7035)
Temperature spread -40℃~150℃

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