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Precautions for Installation and Commissioning of Chillers

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Precautions for Installation and Commissioning of Chillers


Chiller is a kind of large-scale equipment commonly used in industry. It is mainly used to detect and determine the parameters and functions of electronic, electrical and other product materials, including aviation, automobiles, home appliances, and electronics.

In this industry, environmental testing, testing and other workflows are indispensable for temperature control, and chillers are naturally used. Let’s take a look at the industry case.

In the past, a friend in the chemical industry invited our technicians to debug the chiller. The factory uses custom stainless steel equipment pipes, which have been successfully installed and commissioned and are operating normally.

Most temperature control applications involve stainless steel and glass reactors. Stainless steel reactors are more robust and durable, while glass reactors allow users to observe the reaction process in the kettle. For glass reactors, there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account for safe use.

low temperature industrial chiller

For example, the control of high and low temperature of the reactor, the constant temperature control of low temperature, the selection of cold source and so on. Let’s take a look at the environmental requirements and operation precautions of the chiller room.

First look at the placement environment of the chiller:

The integrated cooling and heating machine should be placed on a well-ventilated, dust-free, cool and stable floor or test bench, avoiding spray and steam. At the same time, the possibility of flammable gas inflow, stagnation and leakage should be avoided.

Avoid high-frequency equipment (high-frequency welding machine), etc.

Do not use acidic solutions frequently.

Do not frequently use special sprayers (containing sulfides, etc.).

Check items after delivery:

After unpacking, lift the device off the wooden packaging base and lay it flat in a spacious position. Check the device for damage in transit. After confirmation, push it to the installation position.

Debug before use:

The correct debugging of the high and low temperature system is related to the operation of the whole equipment. For the refrigeration system of the refrigeration and heating system, full preparations should be made before commissioning, and close cooperation should be made to avoid misoperation and damage to the equipment.

The commissioning personnel should be fully familiar with the structure and performance of the high-low temperature integrated equipment, be familiar with the safety technology of the chiller, clarify the commissioning methods, steps and technical requirements to be met, and formulate a detailed and specific commissioning plan, so that the commissioning personnel at each post clearly define their respective tasks and requirements. Require.

Check whether the installation of the high and low temperature integrated machine meets the technical requirements, whether the foundation of the equipment meets the requirements, and whether the specifications, specifications and materials of the connecting pipes meet the design requirements.

Installation and commissioning of high and low temperature integrated chiller power supply system. The water pressure test is performed on the refrigeration system respectively, and the dirt in the water system is flushed. The water pump should work normally, and the circulating water volume should meet the requirements of the working conditions.

All oil pumps of the high and low temperature integrated chiller use a bypass valve to limit the oil pressure. The bypass valve is set by the manufacturer and cannot be changed by itself. Normal oil pressure is higher than crankcase. If oil pressure needs to be measured, a pressure gauge can be connected to the needle valve on one side of the oil pump tee, while the other pressure gauge is connected to the tee or compressor suction shut-off valve on the crankcase.

Notes on using the chiller:

Also pay attention to the high and low temperature integrated chiller when using it, and avoid hitting the equipment shell, vibrating, damaging or polluting key areas (function key display); please ensure that the equipment is working properly, and regularly check operating instructions, warnings, prohibitions and safety signs (at least every two years) is in good condition;

Put it in a clean environment to prevent contamination, do not expose to sunlight, make sure the input power is well grounded;
Before performing any maintenance, servicing or moving the equipment, the equipment must be turned off and disconnected from the power supply.

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