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Causes and Solutions of Water Leakage of Chiller

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Causes and Solutions of Water Leakage of Chiller


The prerequisite for the normal operation of the chiller is that the water cycle, refrigerant cycle, and electronic control system are all kept normal. If there is a problem on the one hand, then the chiller will be abnormal and affect the production of the factory. If the water chiller leaks, it usually occurs in the water pipe and the water pipe connection.

The water circulation system of the chiller is composed of water inlet pipes, evaporators, water outlet pipes, water tanks, chilled water pumps, cooling water pumps, condensers, pipes and valves at various connections, and the above-mentioned parts are basically indispensable for water leakage failures.

1. Water leakage at the water inlet and outlet of the chiller is usually caused by loose or broken bolts at the joint, which can be repaired or replaced;

2. The evaporator shell of the chiller is leaking. Check whether there is water seepage at the welding part of the evaporator shell. If so, repair it by welding as soon as possible;

3. There is water leakage at the float valve of the water chiller, and the float valve controls the water inlet valve switch according to the buoyancy. The solution: check and adjust the position of the ball valve, and replace and repair it in time if it is damaged.

4. Water leakage occurs due to the perforation of the condenser inside the chiller. The solution: find the fault point and repair it;

5. The water tank of the chiller is too full to cause water leakage due to the fluctuation of the cooling water during operation. The solution: reduce the water level in the water tank;

6. The water tank of the chiller is leaking, which may be due to the corrosion of the welding position of the water tank, causing leakage, and re-welding maintenance is required;

7. Water leakage occurs at the water pump of the chiller. Generally, the shaft seal at the water pump is not well connected or damaged. Just replace the shaft seal of the water pump;

8. Long-term tilting of the chiller will cause uneven force on the valves and pipes of the chiller, damage, and water leakage. The chiller should be placed horizontally according to the specifications. If the chiller leaks slightly, follow the water traces to find the leak point of the unit. If the chiller leaks in the water cooling system, it will cause insufficient water flow, compressor high-pressure alarm and other failures. Water accumulated at the bottom will corrode the casing of the unit and cause potential safety hazards to the electrical components of the unit. Therefore, once the water leakage of the chiller is found, it should be paid attention to and repaired in time.

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