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Perfect Industrial Freezer


Industrial Freezers


Overview of Industrial Freezers

Refrigerator Freezer is composed of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, filter drier, expansion throttling valve of the five most series, note the amount of refrigerant inside (refrigerant), the electrical appliances (including controller) according to the requirement of the environment and control the operation of the compressor to achieve the purpose of heat transfer and refrigeration.


Industrial Freezer


Industrial Freezer
Temperature range -65°C ~ -10°C series -80°C ~ -10°C series -100°C ~ -30°C series -150°C ~ -20°C series
Volumeup to 1600Lup to 1600Lup to 1600Lup to 1000L



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Applications of Industrial Freezers

1. It is used to check and ensure the adaptability of parts and materials of electrical, electronic, aerospace, automotive electrical appliances, materials and other related products, various bearings, electronic components and materials when stored and used in a low temperature and constant temperature environment, Check its various performance indicators.

2. It is used in industrial cold treatment to precipitate uniform, fine and dispersed carbonization produced on the metal structure matrix. The precipitation of carbides will significantly improve the wear resistance and friction performance of the metal, and the hardness will also increase, which will directly increase the life of the wear parts. It is an ideal product to replace liquid nitrogen.

3. It is used for cold shrinkage of copper sleeves and bearings, and is widely used in precision mechanical assembly.

4. Applied to large-scale equipment (ultra-low temperature testing of automobiles, large construction machinery, aircraft components, aerospace equipment components, military equipment components, etc.).

5. Mobile phone touch screen ultra-low temperature freezer, LCD screen ultra-low temperature freezing separation, easy to disassemble.


Industrial Freezer for bearing


Use Cases of Industrial Freezers

Industrial Freezer


Characteristics and Advantages of Industrial Freezers

  • Microcomputer control, cascade temperature controller, digital temperature display, the regulation of unit 0.1°C, tank temperature range -150℃ ~ -10℃ adjustable.
  • French Tecumseh compressor, German Bock compressor, bitzer compressor, automatic cascade refrigeration technology.
  • With self-diagnosis function, freezer overload protection, high pressure switches, overload relays,thermal protection device and other security functions.
  • Three sealed mold layer of insulation, Extra-thick high-density polyurethane foam insulation layer,good insulation. Inside with vacuum insulation panels.
  • Large condenser design, fully guaranteed plant environment cooling effect.
  • Wide volume ratio design, large load capacity design.
  • Can set compressor temperature difference on and off.
  • Fault alarm (over-temperature alarm, sensor alarm, High pressure alarm, compressor over heat alarm. Delay boot protection, all components grounding safely.
  • LED display, display tank temperature and set temperature and can set the over temperature alarm and tank inside temperature, fault prompt functions.
    Non-standard sizes can be customized, Ultra-low temperature freezer(-100℃ tank within 100m3 volume).
  • Optional parts: PLC controller, color touch-screen, temperature recorder, etc.


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