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How to Select Qualified Industrial Chiller Manufacturers?

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Industrial chiller is a kind of refrigeration equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure for mechanical equipment. The industrial water chiller is cooled by the core component compressor, then heat exchanges with the water to reduce the water temperature, and then transported to the mechanical equipment requiring cooling through the circulating pump.

Industrial water chillers can generally control the water temperature of 5 – 35 ℃. However, the specific setting of water temperature depends on the requirements of the equipment. For example, the water temperature requirement of fiber laser will be stricter than that of spindle engraving machine, which requires more accurate temperature control. The cooling effect will be better if the water temperature is set to 20-30 degrees.

The applications of industrial chillers include laser cutting, laser welding, engraving, UV printing, laboratory, medical and other industries. Chiller manufacturers on the market are also uneven.


How to correctly screen qualified chiller manufacturers?

  1. Look at the production scale of chiller manufacturers. With its own production line and large-scale manufacturers, its products are applied to various industries and tested by the practical application of various industries. Its product quality is also guaranteed, so there will be such a large sales volume.
  2. Look at the R &D capability of chiller manufacturers. Manufacturers should have their own core technology and R &D team. With the continuous innovation of the market, the products of chillers will also change. Only with a technical team can we keep pace with the times and develop chillers suitable for market demand.
  3. Product testing. It is very important to deliver the product to the customer after the comprehensive test, so as to ensure the product quality and avoid delivering unqualified and defective products to the customer.
  4. The products are complete. Complete product models can meet the refrigeration of various industrial equipment, which is also the embodiment of high productivity of chiller manufacturers.
  5. After sales service. The person using the chiller is not necessarily a professional. When chillers fail, they usually need the help of the manufacturer. If the after-sales service is not timely, the use of the chiller will be affected and the production will be delayed. Therefore, the manufacturer’s after-sales link is also very important. It supports 24-hour after-sales service without delaying the maintenance and production of the chiller.

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