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How can the top chiller manufacturers in world effectively maintain?

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How can the top chiller manufacturers in world effectively maintain?

1. Replace lubricating oil

After the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers has been used for a long time, the oil quality of the lubricating oil will deteriorate, and the impurities and moisture in the oil will increase.

Therefore, the oil quality should be regularly observed and checked. If any problem is found, replace it in time. The brand of the replaced lubricating oil must conform to the technical data.

2. Replace the drying filter

The drying filter is an important component to ensure the normal circulation of refrigerant. Since water and refrigerant are not miscible with each other, if the system contains water, it will greatly affect the operation efficiency of the unit. Therefore, it is very important to keep the system dry inside. The filter element inside the drying filter must be replaced regularly.

3. Calibration of safety valve

The condenser and evaporator on the water chiller are pressure vessels. According to the regulations, a safety valve should be installed on the high pressure end of the unit, that is, the condenser body.

Once the unit is in an abnormal working environment, the safety valve can automatically relieve the pressure to prevent the possible harm to human body caused by high pressure. Therefore, regular calibration of safety valve is very important for the safety of the whole unit.

4. Cleaning of condenser and evaporator

As the cooling water of the water-cooled condenser is an open circulating circuit, the tap water generally used is recycled through the cooling tower. When the content of calcium salt and magnesium salt in the water is large, it is easy to decompose and deposit on the cooling water pipe to form scale, affecting heat transfer.

Too thick scaling will also reduce the flow section of cooling water, reduce the water volume and increase the condensation pressure. Therefore, when the quality of the cooling water used is poor, clean the cooling water pipes at least once a year to remove scale and other dirt in the pipes. There are two methods to clean condenser water pipes:

(1) Use a special pigging gun to clean the pipe.

(2) Use a special cleaning agent for circulating flushing, or fill it in cooling water, and then change the solution after 24h until it is cleaned.

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