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How cold can water chillers get?

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How cold can water chillers get?


Chillers can be divided into laboratory chillers and industrial chillers according to their uses. Industrial chillers are generally called chillers. Larger cooling towers are a form of chillers. Industrial models are also divided into low-temperature and industrial chillers. Normal temperature, normal temperature is generally in the range of 5~35 degrees, and low temperature has cryogenic and conventional low temperature. The cryogenic chiller can generally reach minus 150 degrees.small laboratory chiller

Laboratory chillers are also divided into low temperature and normal temperature. They are mainly used to cool down supporting equipment, generally at a low temperature of about -20 degrees. In actual use, due to supporting equipment, insulation effects, and working conditions, they often fail to reach the expected limit temperature.

In addition to chillers that can be used for refrigeration, constant temperature baths in laboratories are also common equipment that can be used for low temperature experiments. Therefore, if you need better control of the temperature in the experiment, you need to choose between using a chiller or a constant temperature bath.

However, when choosing a chiller, there is a misunderstanding. In fact, it is not that the lower the limit temperature is, the better the cooling effect is, but that only by matching a suitable temperature range can a good cooling effect be achieved and cost saved.

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