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Glass Reactor

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Glass Reactor


In addition to the stirring function, the glass reactor also has a variety of hidden functions.

1.Reaction condition control:

Vacuum stirring reaction: Stirring reaction can be carried out under vacuum conditions, which is suitable for reactions that need to avoid the participation of oxygen or moisture.

High temperature and low temperature reactions: It can adapt to a wide temperature range, such as high temperature up to 300℃ and low temperature up to -80℃, meeting the temperature requirements of various reactions.

Constant-speed operation and mixing reaction: Uniform mixing of materials is achieved through constant-speed operation and the reaction efficiency is improved.

2.Separation and purification:

Distillation, reflux, and concentration functions: Distillation, reflux, and concentration operations can be easily performed to separate and purify reaction products.

Negative pressure operation and liquid separation function: Rapid liquid separation is achieved through negative pressure operation, simplifying experimental steps.


Glass Reactor


3. Combination and expansion functions:

Distillation function: Perform distillation operation by assembling a distillation column to further purify the reaction product.

Production line assembly: It can be assembled into a glass reactor production line according to specific requirements to achieve continuous and large-scale production.

Ultrasonic stirring: Some models can be configured with ultrasonic stirring to double the reaction time.

4.Specific process effects:

It has good process effects for plant extraction and concentration.

Carry out the reaction production of fine powder and produce drugs at sanitary level to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the reaction process.

5. Operation and control:

Easy to operate: Whether it is separation or synthesis, it is convenient to add materials and easy to operate.

Automatic temperature control: Some models have an integrated temperature control system that can automatically and accurately control and adjust the reaction temperature.

6. Safety and durability:

High borosilicate glass material: It has good light transmittance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, ensuring the safety and reliability of the experimental process.

Structural design: The cylindrical design helps to fully mix the reactants and improve reaction efficiency; at the same time, the double-layer glass design makes it less likely to react chemically with other materials.


It can be used in conjunction with other equipment, such as condensers, feeding ports, etc., to meet different experimental needs.

To sum up, in addition to the stirring function, the glass reactor also has many hidden functions such as reaction condition control, separation and purification, combination and expansion functions, specific process effects, operation and control, safety and durability, and compatibility. Making it an indispensable experimental equipment in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture and other fields.

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