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Application of Chiller in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Machine

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Application of Chiller in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Machine


With the improvement of technology, chillers have been widely used in more and more industries, such as medical beauty and other industries are no exception. In fact, medical industrial chillers are used in various applications throughout the medical industry. Generally speaking, in medical applications, laser chillers are used to properly cool our medical equipment and maintain the smooth operation of life-saving equipment. Principles of CT and MRI equipment and how to use a medical chiller to keep equipment cool.

The CT scanner contains an x-ray tube, which heats up quickly and requires a cooling time of 10-30mins. This cooling time delays patient care and increases medical expenses. At this time, the medical industrial chiller comes in handy. Our machines cool and thus work more hilariously. MRIs are also common equipment in hospitals these days. MRI machines use powerful magnetic fields, radio waves and computers to produce detailed images of your body. While the machine is working, the magnets inside the MRI machine must be kept cool for the machine to function properly. Work efficiently.

The chiller is used to transfer heat from the MRI machine to the circulating process fluid, and the chiller transfers heat to the ambient air. When cooling the NMR machine, it is necessary to ensure the effective operation of the machine. But medical chillers have their own peculiarities, they cannot cool a constant workload and have very periodic cooling requirements, so they are different from most other laser equipment cooling applications.

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