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Cleaning of the Reactor Refrigeration and Heating Systems

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Cleaning of the Reactor Refrigeration and Heating Systems


The reactor temperature controller uses heat-conducting oil as the medium, and has a wide temperature control range at room temperature. It is widely used in various industries. According to the temperature control requirements of different industries, it can ensure that the temperature of the reactor temperature controller is within a reasonable and controllable range. , effectively play the role of cooling, in a closed liquid circulation system, used for exchange. It can better maintain the equipment with good operating efficiency and service life. When cleaning, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. After two months of normal operation, it is necessary to shut down and remove the filter for cleaning.

2. The heat transfer oil of the reactor temperature controller should be replaced regularly according to the operating temperature, so as to avoid the problem that the temperature cannot be increased.

3. During normal use, regularly use dry compressed air to clean the metal residue and dust on the fan blade cover of the pump inside the machine to prevent the motor from dissipating poorly after the fan blade cover is blocked, causing abnormal noise or jamming of the pump motor. Keep the fan cover clean.

5. In the case of power failure, regularly use dry compressed air to clean the dust inside the electrical box of the machine and the cooling fan, so as to avoid metal residues falling on the electrical components and causing electrical failure.

6. In the case of shutdown, regularly clean the oil return port filter of the machine to avoid the machine over-temperature alarm and other failures caused by the blockage of the filter.

7. If the heat transfer medium is water, keep the water source clean, so that it is not easy to scale, and it can also prevent the pipeline from being blocked. Make sure that the reactor thermostat uses a clean heat transfer medium.

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