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Application Industry of Industrial Water Chiller

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Main application industries and fields of industrial water chillers for production:

Plastic industry: accurately control the mold temperature of all kinds of plastic granulation, reduce the beer molding cycle time, and ensure the stability of product quality.

Electronic industry: stabilize the molecular formula of electronic components in the production line, improve the standard rate of electronic components, apply it to the field of ultrasonic cleaning, and reasonably avoid the damage caused by the evaporation and evaporation of expensive detergent.

Electroplating field: control the electroplating temperature, improve the relative density and smoothness of plated parts, reduce the electroplating cycle time, improve productivity and improve product quality.

Mechanical Engineering: control the working pressure and oil temperature of steam pressure system software, stabilize the water temperature and steam pressure, increase the service time of oil products, improve the high efficiency of lubrication of mechanical equipment and reduce wear.

Industrial production of Engineering Construction: provide chilled water for concrete, make the molecular formula of concrete suitable for the main purpose of engineering construction, and reasonably improve the strength and ductility of concrete.

Vacuum plating: control the temperature of vacuum coating machine to ensure the high quality of plated parts.

Medical industry: in the medical industry, the key is to control the temperature control of hair alcohol drugs. Pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises should flexibly use the chiller equipment, effectively strengthen technological innovation on the basis of giving full play to its advantages, improve the cost performance of the chiller, and then better serve the projects in the pharmaceutical industry.

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