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FL Refrigeration Single Compressor Screw Chiller

Our screw chillers are suitable for cold sources of production processes in various chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical and other fields, and can provide cooling water from -25°C to +30°C, which can be used as ice storage, low-temperature air supply and other production process requirements The cold source of the process, our company can customize the design of the equipment according to the requirements of the users.


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Model FL-90WS100WS140WS180WS200WS250WS300WS350WS400WS460WS510WS600WS660WS750WS830WS940WS
Cooling CapacityKW98109136159195249297349388459506588658745849934
Cooling input powerKW182330364451657785100110127140157198213
CompressorForm semi-closed double screw compressor
Heat control range0~25~37.5~50~62.5~75~87.5~100(12.5% segmentation control)
Chilled waterFormDry, overflow or falling film heat exchanger
Chilled water volume T/H15.518232733425160677987101113128146160
Water pressure drop KPa496073
Connection sizeDN65DN80DN100DN125DN150
Cooling waterFormHorizontal shell and tube type
Cooling water volume T/H202528334153627280107118136150171198213
Water pressure drop KPa45
Connection sizeDN65DN80DN100DN125DN150
Security deviceHigh and low voltage protection, anti-icing, heat release protection (double), safety valve, overload protection, under-phase, reverse phase, under voltage, over voltage, water flow protection, etc.
RefrigerantCharge Kg202330354448555861758590115133155165
Product sizeLenth mm2500250025852635263531003130313031353135313531353275330033003668
Width mm85085090090090011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100
Height mm1300130013351335142814281570168017761800180020002020207021002120
Unit weightkg8508508501050127014301740185024802600287032003400360038504345
Working weightkg9009009001100142015801890205025802800312035003700390041504640

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