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Advantages and Disadvantages of Modular Chillers

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Modular Chillers


A modular chiller consists of several modular chillers connected in parallel. Multi-loop operation. Coordinated and controlled by a microcomputer, each compressor can independently adjust the energy. Modular units can consist of up to 13 units. A computer monitoring system is installed in the modular chiller to control the entire plant. According to the air-conditioning load, each compressor can be started and stopped regularly, and can also be changed from high-speed operation to low-speed operation, including the operation of each independent refrigeration system and the whole machine.


1. According to the change of cooling load, the number of operating modules can be adjusted at any time, so that the output cooling capacity can be optimally matched with the air-conditioning load, and energy consumption can be saved.

2. The parallel operation of multiple compressors is guaranteed.

3. Light weight, small size, saving construction area.

4. The block combination provides the largest spare capacity for the refrigeration system and is easy to expand the equipment capacity.


1. High requirements for water quality, once fouling and blockage occurs, it will affect the heat transfer of the condenser and evaporator.

2. The cost is high, there are many parts, many wearing parts, and the maintenance cost is high.

3. The compression ratio is low, and the cooling capacity of a single unit is small.

4. The adjustment performance of a single head is poor under partial load, and it cannot be adjusted steplessly.

5. The weight index per unit cooling capacity is relatively large.

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