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Semiconductor Low Temperature Test Chiller System

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Semiconductor Low Temperature Test Chiller System


The accurate selection of the semiconductor test chiller needs to meet 6 conditions. When we need to buy a semiconductor test chiller, choosing a large one will waste material resources, and choosing a small one will not achieve the cooling effect, so how can we accurately select the semiconductor test chiller machine?

The demand for semiconductor test chillers varies by industry. When selecting the type of the semiconductor test chiller, we can select the type according to the following points.

1. Temperature range: When selecting a semiconductor test chiller, the factory’s requirements for refrigeration temperature should be considered first. The level of refrigeration temperature has important practical significance for the selection and system composition of the semiconductor test chiller. For example, a semiconductor test chiller for air conditioning and a semiconductor test chiller for cryogenic engineering often have fundamental differences.

2. Refrigeration and stand-alone cooling capacity: The cooling capacity of the semiconductor test chiller is directly related to the energy consumption and operation effect of the entire unit, especially when designing a cold station, under normal circumstances, there is no single semiconductor test chiller. The main reason is to consider that when a semiconductor test chiller breaks down or shuts down for maintenance, it will not stop production, but should select a reasonable number of units according to the production situation.

3. Energy consumption: refers to electricity consumption and steam consumption. Especially when choosing a large-scale semiconductor test chiller, the comprehensive utilization of energy should be considered. Because a large-scale semiconductor test chiller is a device that consumes a lot of energy, for large-scale refrigeration stations for cooling, it should be fully considered. Comprehensive utilization and balance of heat and cold, with special attention to the full utilization of waste steam and waste heat, in order to achieve results.

4. Vibration will occur during operation, but the frequency and amplitude vary greatly due to different types of units. If there is a requirement for anti-vibration, a semiconductor test chiller with a smaller amplitude should be used, or the foundation and pipeline of the semiconductor test chiller should be damped.

5. The quality of the cooling water has a great influence on the heat exchanger, and its effect on the equipment is fouling and corrosion, which will not only affect the reduction of the cooling capacity of the semiconductor test chiller, but also lead to heat exchange in severe cases. Tubes are clogged and broken.

There are many kinds of refrigeration equipment in daily use, but the application range of semiconductor test chiller is relatively wide, it can control the temperature within a specific range, and the refrigeration effect is stable, suitable for use in various industries.

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