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Selection Method of Industrial Water Chiller

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At present, there are more and more chiller manufacturers, and there are many refrigeration equipment to be selected in the daily production of many industries, but the application range of chiller is relatively wide. It can control the temperature within a specific range, and the refrigeration effect is stable, which is suitable for various industries. However, according to different industries, the requirements for industrial chillers are also different. When selecting chiller models from different chiller manufacturers, lneya refrigeration summarizes the following six elements as the basis.

  1. Refrigerating capacity and single unit refrigerating capacity

The cooling capacity of the chiller is directly related to the energy consumption and operation economic effect of the whole unit. In particular, when designing the cold station, generally, a single chiller is not set, mainly considering that when a chiller fails or stops for maintenance, it will not stop production, and a reasonable number of units should be selected in combination with the production situation.

  1. Temperature range

When selecting industrial chillers, the requirements of enterprises for refrigeration temperature should be considered first. The temperature is of great practical significance to the type selection and system composition of chiller. For example, there are fundamental differences between chillers for air conditioning and chillers for low-temperature engineering.

  1. Environmental protection

Environmental protection must be considered when selecting industrial chillers. Attention should be paid to the following problems: noise will occur when the chiller is running, and the noise value increases or decreases with the size of the chiller; The refrigerants used in some chillers are toxic, pungent, flammable and explosive; Moreover, some refrigerants will destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere. When they reach a certain degree, they will bring disasters to mankind.

  1. Energy consumption

Energy consumption refers to power consumption and steam consumption. In particular, when selecting large industrial chillers, the comprehensive utilization of energy should be considered. Because large chillers are a kind of equipment that consumes large energy, for large refrigeration stations for cooling, the comprehensive utilization and balance of electricity, heat and cooling should be fully considered, and special attention should be paid to the full utilization of waste steam and waste heat, so as to achieve the best economic effect.

  1. Quality of cooling water

The quality of cooling water has a great impact on the heat exchanger. Poor water quality is prone to scaling and corrosion, which will not only affect the reduction of cooling capacity of industrial cold water mechanism, but also lead to blockage and damage of heat exchange pipe in serious cases.

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