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WTD-120M Chiller Temperature Control Unit

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Product parameter

  • Heating power:2kW
  • Flow:7L/min
  • Pressure:2.5bar
  • Temperature control accuracy:±0.3℃

It is specially designed and developed for the characteristics of small liquid holding capacity, strong heat exchange capacity, and large pressure drop in the circulation system of the microchannel reactor.

1. Optimize temperature sampling and response speed, specially design control algorithm, can respond quickly to stable temperature control.

2. Enhance the design of the circulating pump capacity to meet the high pressure drop requirements of the reactor.

3. Continuous high temperature cooling technology to meet the requirement of stable operation when the temperature control is required for high temperature exothermic reaction.

Product Parameters (All products can be customized)

Model WTD-120M
Temperature range -5°C~120°C
Temperature control accuracy ±0.3℃
Temperature resolution 0.1K
Operation panel 7 inch color touch screen
Data curve Data curve record
Data output U disk excel format
Communication RS485 Modbus RTU协议
System circulating fluid
Heating power 2KW
100°C 1.5KW
20°C 1 KW
Circulating pump max 7L/min 2.5bar
Connection size R1/2
Temperature Sensor PT100
Compressor Skop
Evaporator Plate heat exchanger
Cooling method Air cooling
Expansion valve Danfoss
Filter drier Danfoss
Refrigerant Synthetic heat transfer oil
Refrigerant 5L
Refrigerant R404A
Pipe material SUS304
Ultra-high temperature cooling technology Yes
Metal insulation hose 1m*2 root
Contactor\Circuit Breaker Schneider
Size 350*600*850
Weight 195KG

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