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Introduction of LNEYA Explosion-Proof Chillers

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Explosion-proof chiller is a type of chiller. Due to the extensiveness and diversity of chiller applications, chillers are often used in some chemical fields such as flammable dust and gas. Therefore, in order for the chiller to operate safely, it is necessary to do explosion-proof treatment in the electric control, motor, fan and other places. We call it an explosion-proof chiller.

Our chillers are manufactured in accordance with national explosion-proof standards. The explosion-proof chiller is designed, manufactured and inspected according to the national standard GB3836.5-2004 (electrical equipment for explosive gas environments – positive pressure type “P”). The equipment can be widely used in dangerous places with explosive gas and dust such as petroleum, chemical industry, medicine and so on. The explosion-proof mark is ExpxdmbⅡCT4. Explosion-proof certificate number: GYB091118.


As one of the LNEYA product series, the explosion-proof chiller is the same as the normal temperature chiller. The normal temperature water is cooled to a certain temperature by the compressor of the chiller as a stand-alone machine, and the cooling device is a built-in fan. There are mainly three interrelated systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system, and electrical automatic control system.

Design of refrigeration equipment

1. The refrigeration equipment is an integral structure with built-in water tank and water pump. Users only need to connect the pipeline and power supply to operate.

2. Features:

LNEYA chiller adopts internationally renowned brand scroll compressors, and is equipped with high-efficiency double-threaded copper pipes to make condensers, evaporators and world-renowned brand control components, so that the equipment has the advantages of small size, low noise, high energy, long life, and easy operation. , its beautiful and exquisite shape design and reliable and stable high-efficiency quality are outstanding among similar products!
Design Features:

1) Imported brand scroll compressor, reliable operation and long life;

2) The temperature controller dedicated to the chiller is adopted, which has the advantages of high temperature control accuracy and stable performance. All-digital touch screen display, can be connected with external equipment, remote users and control room through RS485 interface, to achieve the following multiple control functions (optional):

Multiple protection functions: temperature protection such as compressor exhaust over-temperature, motor over-temperature, cold water antifreeze, overcurrent, phase loss, reverse phase electrical protection, refrigerant system high and low pressure, oil level, water cutoff and other protection. For the above protection functions, necessary maintenance and management functions such as alarm, prompt, record, and retrieval can be set. Through remote communication, unmanned operation management can be automatically realized according to the predetermined work plan.

3) Select internationally famous brand thermal expansion valve, solenoid valve, check valve and other control components to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment in a wide range of operating conditions.

LNEYA Refrigeration is an entity manufacturing enterprise integrating production, R&D, production, sales and service. The company adheres to providing customers with high-value temperature control solutions, specializing in providing chillers, high-precision cold and heat test systems, thermal management systems, explosion-proof chillers, Large temperature difference chiller, dual temperature dual control chiller, ultra-low temperature freezer. Provides high-value products in biopharmaceuticals, chemical reactions, chip packaging and processing, experimental instruments, etc. At present, it has formed stable supply agreements with many listed companies, providing perfect refrigeration solutions for TOP10 companies in many industries!

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